Zelda Dungeon Talks: Are Weather and Clothing Requirements Welcome Changes, or Unnecessary Complications?

d98a7c4ed69aec115e2db38eab4d5040There are certain game aspects that are almost expected in any and all new open-world games, and Breath of the Wild is no exception. Conventions in the series are changing, but usual open-world conventions are entering, as they are staples of sorts for the genre. These include fast travel points, non-linear exploration, cooking, customization equipment, and in line with today’s discussion, shifting weather conditions and respective clothing requirements. There are some that are worried that these closely related elements are unwelcome, leading to nothing more than extra time consumption. Others think it could lead to some amazing situations while travelling the world, and could become a Zelda staple. This week, the ZD staff have given their own thoughts on the subject.

As usual, make sure to hit up the comments with your own thoughts on the new weather and clothing system coming to Link’s newest adventures.

Jon Lett – View Profile

Weather effects are an extremely welcome change. So long as it does not prove overly cumbersome when travelling, and effects fights and basic movement in realistic fashions, I think that it will be welcomed by most players. Perhaps there will be a way to change the weather at will, to solve puzzles and change the way battles play out. As for the clothing requirements, I cannot say that I am not a bit worried about how that will play out. I hope we do not end up having to switch out clothes too much, or end up with a constantly filling inventory of clothing. That being said, I think that it could be an interesting method of customization. Perhaps there are materials that could be crafted into your existing clothes to make them insulated, so you do not have to always switch between too many outfits. I have faith in Nintendo to often exceed my expectations, so perhaps my concerns about the clothes are not important. Either way, get hyped for rain, snow, lightning and more.

Liam Orth – View Profile

I never thought of it as something to be implemented into a Zelda title, but now that I see it, I think it’s absolutely welcome. Because of it, the world around which you play will have a more dynamic sense that pulls you into the world you’re exploring. It puts you into positions where you have to take your surroundings into perspective before progressing, so you don’t rush head-first into a situation you can’t handle. I won’t lie, I’m a bit concerned as to how it will really work in the long run, but from what we’ve seen of it thus far, I think it’s going to be an excellent addition to how we play Zelda, and will hopefully give us a breath of fresh (wild) air for the series.

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. In Ocarina of Time you had to wear the Goron Tunic when inside Death Mountain and the Zora Tunic to breathe underwater. Twilight Princess had something similar, and Majora’s Mask did something similar with the various masks. In an open world you can’t really construct the same old item gates that the other games had (bombs to get past here, the bow to get past there, the hammer to get over the bridge), so a different items is needed. The clothes can work great for such a purpose. What I am worried about is that the moment you reach a new area that requires a new outfit you have to go on a long time-based treasure hunt to get the item you need, much like we saw in the gameplay footage. It would be a lot more fun to get it just before an area after a suitable quest so that we can get what we need to adventure onwards. Having the weather throw a wrench into the works can be fun as well: if it starts raining you’ll need a coat, if its gets hot you have to switch outfits and so on. It would be great to see the environments react to this as well, like having grass burn faster if it’s dry and hot, or have smaller fires go out if it rains, and have there be a threat of lightning strikes if the weather’s really bad. Then of course I wonder if there will be a way to influence the weather with the instrument de jure: have the Sheikah Slab turn into a keyboard or a harmonica, and have Link pick up songs of lesser plot importance (like the weather songs) in the various Shrines.

Brandon Schmitz – View Profile

When this mechanic was unveiled, I, similarly to Thomas, instantly thought of the special tunics from previous Zelda games. Not only does this feel like a logical extension of what Ocarina of Time introduced, but it also — on the surface, at least — seems to blend in with the kind of world that Breath of the Wild is trying to create. I can see Nintendo doing several neat things with this addition. Like, maybe there are caves with poisonous fumes, requiring Link to wear Zelda’s equivalent of a gas mask. I just hope that these areas with hazardous conditions are spread out a decent distance from one another. It’d be a bit of a pain if the weather constantly impeded the player’s ability to explore, though I don’t necessarily foresee that being an issue.

Alasyn Eletha – View Profile

I’m actually really excited about the concept of having clothing and weather requirements! At first I kind of thought “Come on, Nintendo. We all just want the iconic green tunic.” But then I slept on the idea and remembered that Link was so named as a connection between the player and the game. We all know that Link is his own character, but he’s still technically our avatar into the game, and this concept gives us a little more wiggle room for customization. I know that some fans were a little upset by the lack of female representation, but I think that this along with the overabundance of weapon choices can be the next best thing. On top of that, the entire concept of assessing the weather and dressing accordingly emphasizes the fact that the biggest character to interact with in Breath of the Wild is the open world itself. Players will have to take on survival instincts and tackle the wild as if it were a dungeon all on it’s own, and I think that will be a welcome addition to the Zelda universe.

  • Thomas Andersen

    Thomas Jacobs: “What I am worried about is that the moment you reach a new area that requires a new outfit you have to go on a long time-based treasure hunt to get the item you need, much like we saw in the gameplay footage. It would be a lot more fun to get it just before an area after a suitable quest so that we can get what we need to adventure onwards.”

    Completely disagree. If exploration isnt needed, then why even have a world this huge? If you are just going to get it, almost at default, when you need it. Thats some true 2016 hand-holding right there.. no, Id rather they Use the World, and explore for these materials and what not when the world is this great is the way to go, not just give it out when needed. If thats going to be the case, the world will be a waste of time and nothing but some eye candy.

    I agree, not every single little thing should take hours to get etc.. of course, but in general some exploration that might take some time is very much welcomed, some areas require more of it, some less, and some not at all etc.

  • LoZ Fan

    I like the idea or different outfits. The only thing I’m concerned about is the lack of the traditional green tunic. If they never add that, they won’t change the conventions of Zelda. They’ll destroy them.

  • Christian Beach

    I think it’s an awesome idea. I’ve always wanted some sort of weather system implemented into a Zelda game, because a dynamic weather system can really immerse the player.

  • tabascoman

    I’m confident that the green tunic will serve as the most effective armor that would be the most difficult to attain.
    Similar to the hylian shield in skyward sword

  • AnonymousGX

    Fans: We want it now!
    Nintendo: We’ve begun working on it. Can’t say much, if anything, now.
    Fans: We’ll wait a year or two.
    [Repeat for awhile].
    Nintendo: You want Zelda news, we’ll tell you prematurely. Please get off our backs.
    Fans: YES! It’s coming out within a year.
    Nintendo: We never said that. We said we announced it too soon.
    Fans: YES! It’s coming out within a year and a half.
    [Time passes]
    Fans: We want it now!
    Nintendo: It’s not ready yet.
    Fans: We’ve waited long enough. Any further delays better be worth it!
    Nintendo: We haven’t had delays yet, just slow planning and testing.
    Fans: Then you better make the game awesome!
    Nintendo: Here’s all the familiar stuff in trailer form.
    Fans: Awesome! Zelda within a year!
    [Months after]
    Nintendo: Here’s all the stuff that’s new and exciting. Here’s horse wrangling, the Sheikah slate, improved physics, dynamic weather, varied weaponry, cooking, sneaking assassin techniques, varied clothing, and a large free-roam overworld.
    Fans: BOOO! We don’t know what we want. We wanted more from Zelda, but don’t want it anymore! We want the old Zelda!
    Nintendo: That’s why we gave you Twilight Princess HD.
    Fans: That wasn’t improved enough! We wanted more new stuff in it!
    Nintendo: But we did. We added better graphics, a new cave, Amiibo, Hero Mode at the start, stamps of the Hylian alphabet, simplified the intro tutorial a bit by gating the river to the monkey with the cradle (I swam over to try to get it back… Took forever to figure out I wasn’t supposed to be there, EVER in the game…), simpler Rupee pickup, bigger wallets, less Tears of Light, easier Poe locating, sped up swimming and climbing, and other small updates…
    Fans: NOT ENOUGH!

  • tabascoman

    “but he’s [link] still technically our avatar into the game”
    Since when? Link was never named to be ‘the link between the player and the world’, and such and idea is silly. He was named link because Zelda 1 was originally a cyberpunk game with elements of time travel. No aspects of link’s charectar design delegate him to the role of a soulless avatar. If he were meant to be projectable, he would have dark hair, dark eyes, and he would be right handed. Link is as much of an avatar and Samus Aran is.

  • Riverlilyrs

    I agree in a way but, Link is right handed ( at least in Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Wind Waker

  • Riverlilyrs

    I agree! SOME change can be good, but if you take away the BASIC STORY AND ITEMS that people loved then your fan base falls because, essentially you’re playing a completely different game

  • Riverlilyrs

    That might work on second thought but, what about other important main characters? If the game is truly open world will the main plot still have the same quality?

  • Kevin Seiden

    Weather is not a change. Twilight Princess had weather.

  • Kevin Seiden

    Link is left handed in Wind Waker and the ‘real’ version of Twilight Princess (the Wii version is technically a port). He is only right handed in the Wii remote games out of necessity to the majority of human beings on Earth because playing the game that way would be even more annoying than it ended up anyway.

  • They’ve existed in some capacity in the series already. They’re absolutely welcome reintroductions from what we’ve seen. I cannot wait til BOTW drops; I wonder if Nintendo has left any other goodies for us to find. :^)

  • tabascoman

    He’s a lefty in windwaker; and in twilight princes, he’s only right handed in the wii version, which Nintendo confirmed as the mirrored version.
    As for skyward sword, I believe that was mostly out of practicality for the motion controls, but I’m sure there is also a story reason too…

  • tabascoman

    same quality as what? The 3D games like ocarina and skyward sword were story heavy, with lots of cutscenes and exposition, true; but most of the 2d games like Zelda 1 and 2 had barely any story. I think that, regardless, botw is going to do what all the other games have done: give you some context and a reason you are going to the dungeons.
    Plus, according to aunouma, the amount of context you get is up to you.

  • tabascoman

    So far, we’ve only seen the tutorial section.
    I’m sure there plenty of epic things we have yet to see

  • Anonymous

    I’m extremely happy about the weather and diverse biomes, Nintendo has finally created a Hyrule htst feels like a world. The weather really only adds to it. I could see why people would be worried about clothing requirements, but from what we’ve seen so far the only area that required special clothing was Mt. Hylia. Obviously there will be others, but it seems like it will only be really hot or cold places. OverallI think it adds to the experience.

  • 64zeldafan

    Incorrect link is only left handed in skyward sword as you use your dominant hand with your shield so it is easier to protect yourself.
    In BotW it makes sense to use the sword in the dominant hand as he throws his swords and his shields break.

  • Lex6-6

    Yes, yes and yes! Also there are many different ways to overcome different weather conditions. If they just give you the best one what’s the fun in exploring new possibilities and discover stuff on your own… also I think is kind of fun to add “I will come back later with the right stuff” marks on your map… maybe is just me :p

  • Guest

    “What I am worried about is that the moment you reach a new area that requires a new outfit you have to go on a long time-based treasure hunt to get the item you need, much like we saw in the gameplay footage. It would be a lot more fun to get it just before an area after a suitable quest so that we can get what we need to adventure onwards.”

    That my friend, is called puzzle solving. You don’t need a new outfit to access Mount Hylia, you can use fire or a spicy dish after all. They said they want the puzzle solving to be how you get from one place to another “how” being the keyword.

  • Nerdtendo

    Actually in a recent interview on the topic of view of voiceovers Eiji Aounouma said that the reason Link will not have voiceovers is because as soon as Link says something the player doesn’t agree with the link between the player and Link breaks. So Link is (essentially) an extension of yourself.

  • Nerdtendo

    I’m actually really excited for what this brings. If a specific environment is too harsh for Link you technically don’t need to find the clothes. I don’t think it’ll be a hindrance to get them. I’m not sure if I WANT the green tunic because I might not take it off. If it is included I hope it’s much later in the game or Amiibo generated

  • Erik I

    Weather sounds nice, but the clothing requirement looks tedious.

  • tabascoman

    Hmm. You raise a good point, so I will agree that link is an extension of the player, but I do not believe this makes him an avatar. In spite of having a connection to the player, he is still very much his own charectar.

  • Thomas Jacob – “It would be a lot more fun to get it just before an area after a suitable quest ”

    This is literally the dated and overdone formula Zelda games have been using for years. No strategic planning on the players part, the game literally hands over exactly what you need at that moment in time that you need it. Like finding the dungeon item in which you need to solve the puzzles that are appearing everywhere you can’t solve immediately.

    You are literally asking BotW to go back to the old Zelda formula. This isn’t really fun or rewarding, it’s like being given the easy pass. I will say that it isn’t the worst, I mean OoT, WW and SS are all solid games. That said for any Zelda veteran there is no experimentation or ingenuity.

    BotW already seems to have a lot of depth in regards to giving players a lot of choices to tackle a problem. Lets say you don’t find the warmer clothes to go exploring a cold snowy mountain. You are literally sucking at being a treasure hunter, or you simply don’t feel like hiking it out to areas you haven’t explored yet to see what you can find.

    Well the game cleverly gives you other options to get past this obstacle. Like crafting. That’s right just cook up a dish or potion that will give you cold immunity for a certain length of time. It’s the whole point of the crafting/cooking system for the most part. The game provides you with more than a single solution to an obstacle and that is always a good thing. So if you are a good player, you shouldn’t have to backtrack frequently to find a specific item.

  • Nerdtendo

    That’s very true but I still consider a lot of his character to be my own because we don’t know a whole lot about him other than what we make it. I guess it just comes down to your preference

  • Alan da Cruz

    I think that could be optional for players who don’t have patience or for the wich one that like a challenge more.

  • Hero of the Wild

    I for one love it. It simply adds another layer of polish that has been constantly adding since the very beginning. I’m super big on immersive gameplay, and this does nothing but make that all the more real. So I’m super excited to see what this does in Breath of the Wild, as well as the series as a whole.

  • LittleGreen

    They’re fine, but it kind of gives them a less important feel. If they’re just clothing then it’s not really exciting to get. The Zora Tunic and Goron Tunic are cool because they felt like their own important items and figuring out how to get them was rewarding. Don’t just have them be things you find in someone’s house, make it so you would have to find some monsters that have the materials you need to make the clothing. That’s just an example, but that’s the feel I want to get when getting something that allows me to progress easier.
    Another thing is you can eat something warm to go to cold areas, but the game should reward you in being a more thorough player. A more adventurous player will find the materials to make warm clothing so they don’t have to constantly eat warm food. I would love this kind of rewarding puzzle finding. A great example of this already being implemented in a Zelda game is the Biggoron Sword. It’s completely optional, but the more adventurous player figures out how to get it and it makes fighting enemies easier.

  • LittleGreen

    I agree completely, the game should reward the better quest finders and treasure hunters. The only issue is that since dungeons are mandatory, items kind of have to be connected to dungeons. An easy fix to this however would be needing multiple items per dungeon, but not having both the items required be both linked to dungeons. By this I mean in order to complete a certain dungeon you need an item that is found outside that dungeon as well as the item acquired in the dungeon. This would completely up the puzzle possibilities, non-linearity of dungeon completion order, and overall interesting factor behind each dungeon.

  • raizelmik

    I quite like it. It all feeds into the new feeling of exploration, of it being an actual world. You need to use everything you can find to survive.

  • edith.baber

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  • Bigfoot Supervisor

    you realize weather and clothing requirements have been in zelda before, right?

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    I think its a welcome change of pace that will add more challenge and strategy to the game. I just hope it doesn’t feel tacked on.

    I loved the crafting system in Far Cry 3, and Im getting a similar vibe from the BOTW by having lots of armor, weapons and collectibles.

    The weather is a great Idea, it will add a lot of atmosphere to the world. Personally I think it would be cool to hike a mountain during a blizzard, or have a boss battle during a thunder storm.

  • Guest User

    For some reason, this instantly made me think about Monster Hunter, and the way that with different armor, you could cancel out environment effects and enemy debuffs, and eve give yourself automatic buffs. You would craft armor using specific monster parts, and then see your skills come into play. This really does seem rather interesting. Also, a quick flashback to Phantom Hourglass, specifically, Temple of the Ocean King. Get your life sucked out if you run out of sand, and the first time you go in, just a whole bunch of QUICK! RUN OVER THERE BEFORE YOU DIE! effects. Can’t help but wonder how this game will incorporate environment effects.

  • tabascoman

    So, is this site dead then?
    How unceremonious…

  • linkyo123

    i think that it’s a fine change! also where do you think this game takes place? i think that A.O.L. link relizes ganon is unstoppable so he found the ocarina of time went back to when hylia was about to command dying link to be reborn (manga in hyrule hystoria) and tells her not to cause if she does demise will curse them to fight him again and again and she does not and that’s why link wakes up coming back to life cause he was killed there and why hylia’s name is on so much things cause it’s right after the era when she was around, plus this would explain why ganon is referred to as the calamity of ganon cause demise was just sealed away and not even a year later he comes back as ganon i mean that is a strange situation/calamity and this is why that island is there even though skyloft fell down, because nobody ended up going there so it would have just been a forest that would also mean that that’s where the master sword is, as for why it is the master sword is because hylia likely new the hero would’nt have time to transform it so she right away turned it into the master sword. as for the korok well the korok don’t only exist in wind waker, see the korok is the kokori’s in O.O.T. natural form and disguised as the kokori so link could fit in, so the korok exist in every timeline and only happened to appear in wind waker. and i think the old man is Zelda’s dad gapora and zelda is in an aternal sleep because she is like the lock holding calamity ganon, i think that ganon ravaged hyrule for thirty year but than gapora was born, when he was ravaging it for 50 years zelda was born, when he had been ravaging it for 66 zelda realized she was hylia and sealed him away but she was the lock unfortunately, though he was sealed he would break out soon so zelda tried her hardest to bring link back to life though he was killed defeating demise. she was succesfull and link did wake up and link started his journey called B.O.T.W. that’s where i think B.O.T.W. takes place, as a brand new timeline! please share you’re thoughts.

  • Zeldamonsuperwholock Origami

    Ohey, it’s you!

  • I am Ganond0rf

    hte to be that guy but ganon is just a different entity of demise

  • The Fat Man

    Idk this just sounds like it will way be way too tedious, what I like about Zelda is I can just play and explore the world and enjoy myself. I hate having to worry about every little thing, and it seems like this Zelda will require a lot more micro managing than the previous games.

  • Jesse

    Ocarina had the red tunic that protected you from the heat in the volcano. What’s the difference between that mechanic and the one discussed here?

  • pjsmoulder

    Most of the new mechanics are awful. I’ve got to the stage where i don’t really want to play it anymore.

    The general weather doesn’t bother me as much as the temperature. I wouldn’t mind if the Warm Doublet actually did anything. The combat mechanics are the worst. The fact that I can be smashing a boko in the face, and it doesn’t interrupt his attack, is just ridiculous.