(UPDATED) Zelda Dungeon Talks: What Don’t You Like About Breath of the Wild So Far?

modal_ss_16__banner-auto-croppingBreath of the Wild still has everyone’s attention, with discussions continuing online, and Nintendo (FIIIIINALLY) releasing the occasional little video showing off a new mechanic or weapon that we can expect to use in the game. The open world, new combat, item customization, and other crazy leaps from the usual Zelda staples is certainly daunting, but that is not always a good thing, especially for seasoned Zelda fans. The general lack of info and swaths of changed mechanics is worrying at times, so the ZD staff has taken the time to express some of their personal concerns with what has been revealed so far.

As usual, make sure to hit up the comments and let us know your own thoughts on the matter. What rubs you the wrong way about what we’ve seen of the game so far?

Jon Lett – View Profile

I must say, there are some parts of this game I am a small bit nervous about, but only because I am not entirely used to open world games, especially not in Zelda. That being said, I am optimistic, and I have a lot of faith in the Zelda development team’s ability to surprise us with new mechanics. Still, if I had to choose a specific downside, I am somewhat worried about the deteriorating weapons. I have no interest in being half way through a dungeon, only to lose a key weapon like a strong sword or a bow, and ultimately have to backtrack to find a new one. Deteriorating weapons bring up a number of potential issues, and while we will, thankfully, be able to upgrade and repair them, these weapons better not prove cumbersome to deal with, or people will be upset.

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

Thus far I’m still a bit concerned as to how the game is going to address the pitfalls that come with being an open world game of this type. World size VS density is an issue, one we’ve seen games like Twilight Princess struggle with in its overworld. When you make your world really big you need to fill it up with all sorts of things like enemies to fight, treasure to find, secrets to uncover and resources to harvest. The difficulty is to make every single locale interesting this way without making the player go “Eh, I’ll explore this place later”. Every location has to bring excitement and wonder, lest it just gets skipped over. Another is the resources gathering angle. When done improperly, it becomes gathering for the sake of gathering without the resources meaning anything. On the other hand, it must not be a chore or a barrier, with you thinking “Oh, I need at least seven more sticks, three apples and a pair of rocks before I can continue” because it artificially lengthens the ame and throws up annoying barriers. Finally there is item decay. This creates situations where you will consider certain items too awesome to use and you stick with wooden shields and clubs while the good gear is taunting you with the knowledge that if you use them you will lose them, which undermines the entire reason of finding awesome gear that upgrades your current stuff. Sure, finding a Burning Sword of Bokoblin Slaying +5 is awesome, but if you can kill only a dozen or so Bokoblins before it breaks you might as well not have used it.

Kira Koneko – View Profile

I too have similar apprehensions to the open world aspect of Breath of the Wild with one exception, I am very familiar with several open world games. But this is exactly where my uncertainty lies, although several of these titles have done a pretty good job in maintaining a somewhat consistent plot and storyline. One of my favorites would be Skyrim, but even this title has some issues, I feel sometimes the story gets lost in the tasks and actions of the game. One of the things that has kept me playing the Zelda series for so long is the immense amount of lore and story that exists within the world and this is what is the cause of concern for me. I am excited to experience all that what has been shown to us so far, with the addition of a great story and action blended together. I just don’t want it to become an incessant grind of gear and item gathering instead of being this epic tale of adventure, sorrow, and excitement that I have come to expect and crave from my Zelda titles. I too have faith that our wait will be rewarded in the end, let’s hope I’m not wrong!

Brandon Schmitz – View Profile

Based on what I played at E3, Breath of the Wild’s open-world approach looks to usher in a welcome change of pace for Zelda. As much as I love the mainline games as they are, this latest entry feels as if it’ll be that next major step forward. At its best, the Zelda series — even some of the comparatively linear entries — has provided an unbridled sense of adventure; and Breath of the Wild seems to be taking that concept to the Nth degree. However, I’m still a bit worried that this emphasis on exploration will come at the cost of the game’s story. Although, on its own, I like the option to try to fight Ganon early on in the adventure, the larger implications have me somewhat nervous. Just how loose will the game’s plot progression be? It seems as if discovery will be one of the story’s major themes, especially in regards to Link’s identity. That said, I hope its free spirited nature extends mostly to the order in which Link tackles dungeons, rather than the order of major story beats.

Alasyn Eletha – View Profile

One thing I’m a bit apprehensive about is the seemingly short lifespan of weapons and shields. Granted, I understand that we’ve only seen the bare minimum of what is most likely going to be a massive collection of achievable weaponry, but so far it seems as if you have a very small limit to how much you can use your weapon before it’s badly damaged or breaks. I’m hoping to see more enhancement capabilities when it comes to the weapons. Upgrades that won’t cost an arm and a leg to keep a sword or a shield longer. Or perhaps as we move along in the game, the further we go, the more durable weapons we’ll be able to acquire. For now, this was my biggest concern. I’ve lost years of playing games like Wind Waker and Skyward Sword because I hadn’t been too excited about all the innovative changes put into those games. Now that I’ve given them a chance, they crack my top 5 favorite Zelda games. I’m not going to skip a beat with Breath of the Wild just because there are some changes and new actions that I don’t care for. Who knows, ten years from now, I might actually come to love having to force myself to be more creative when finding and rationing my weapon usage in Breath of the Wild.

  • Kalimari

    I’m more terrified about the music. If it stays all calm and peaceful and just pops in every now and then, I’ll probably cry, half of the reason I play zelda is because the music is fantastic!!! If they just have some piano every now and then, even in towns, and main dungeons I’ll be incredibly upset. =/

  • Ultima Link

    I have complete faith in the game. The only thing I don’t like is that Link can use weapons other then a Sword, I am a sword lover so that can easily be remedied by simply only picking up Swords. Other then that I can’t wait!

  • Ultima Link

    <.< *whacks with newspaper* no bad… baaaaad…. nu

    Obviously there will be great music I mean come on can you imagine how Kakariko Village theme would sound like in tempo and calm beats ahhh… relaxing

  • 64zeldafan

    Im a bit disappointed in the removal of hearts, they were a zelda staple. I really hope fairies make an appearance. Other than that the Music only playing occasionally is a bit annoying, it is lovely when it plays however I want towns and dungeons (temples) to have a theme for the whole time not just every now and then.

    I have to say though from what I’ve seen (minus above) I would give this game a 10/10 for bringing back all my fond zelda memories of alltp, the original and of Oot (when I was younger I thought the world was massive) I am so exited to jump as link 😀

  • tabascoman

    I am afraid the world might be too big, and I’m terrified of the prospect that link won’t have his hat

  • Kevin Seiden

    I don’t think heart pieces and containers are gone, just the method you refill them when injured.

  • Kevin Seiden

    I’m concerned about the size of the world as well. Despite loving the Zelda franchise, one of my least favorite aspects is hunting collections, like heart pieces and such. If those mechanics survive to this iteration, the sheer size of the world is going to make the prospect rather daunting.

  • Christian Beach

    I love every bit of the game except for the one little part where it’s not out yet.

  • Wyatt Troup

    The only things I don’t like so far are the lack of the classic tunic and continuous music.

  • the music so far. Hopefully more variety is added. I was honestly hoping for some more epic scores like in the trailer. Man was that music awesome!

  • LoZ Fan

    I’m a bit nervous about the lack of music and traditional green outfit. I really hope that those will be added in! If not, then they broke the conventions of Zelda way too much.

  • Some Guy who wanted to comment

    These worries all seem quite obvious. Nintendo will clearly have made sure to address them- they’ve certainly had enough time

  • Isaix

    The soundtrack worries me

  • tabascoman

    I got around to watching forage without any commentary, and I have to say that it is annoyingly quiet.

  • Nadaph

    So a common complaint is the music, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the game would recognize certain events to make sure that there’s music for those epic and special events. I honestly doubt they’ll sleep on the music. It may not be constantly present, but I think that will make it that much more impactful. Whether it’s for better or for worse, that’s entirely everyone’s own opinion.

    In my opinion, the thing that worries me is that weapon durability will be too small. I’m expecting a way to repair weapons, but I want to grow attached to my weapons and have them feel personal. I don’t want them breaking left and right. Otherwise, I have no major concerns.

  • Miitomo

    My only complaint is that Link looks like a girl! He looks STUPID!!! I can relate to him fine when he looks like a dude and I am a girl!

  • 64zeldafan

    good point, Im 100% fine with this game now. I wonder if their going to allow us to get more than 20 hearts in this game because of everything killing you in one hit?

  • Sonic X

    My only complaint is that Link looks like a girl!

  • Mark Cambrone

    That fact that it’s not being released for the 30th anniversary and not a Wii U exclusive anymore… WE DON’T NEED A FREAKING NX VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LittleGreen

    He’s always been androgynous, but yeah I guess he is more so in this one

  • LittleGreen

    It’s seeming more a like an open world survival game than a Zelda game. There’s also not a lot of traditional elements that really link it to the other games. I know they’re trying something new here, but references to previous games through soundtracks, characters, items, enemies, etc. have always been a staple.

  • protobass

    Thats just a weird staple in japanese culture, male heroes tend to look more like scrawny teenagers while American heroes have more of a Herculean look to them. I think Link looked the best in OOT and the concept art for the early Zelda titles.

  • protobass

    The game looks awesome so far, but there are two things that worry me since its going back to a more non linear approach.

    First thing, my biggest problem with ALBW was how brain dead easy the dungeons were due to freedom of picking which path you want, each dungeon felt like it was the first. I hope BOTW manages to make each dungeon fun and challenging, because I think it would be more rewarding if the player adapted to the difficulty rather than have his or her hand held the whole time.

    Second thing, the game’s size is massive from the stuff I heard (apparently its five times the size of Skyrim’s world). The problem I have with open world games is that a lot of the areas you explore tend to feel underdeveloped by looking alike. I hope each area you explore gives you a lot to do besides just wandering quietly.

  • Peter Scott Yakir

    he sounds a bit like one too

  • Why do I need a username?

    1. I’m quite sure the durability will be better off the plateau
    2. Low durability in the demo makes people think of it more in the Short playtime, it will just be tedious in the final version were we play for hours on end

  • George Costas

    that it’s not out yet.

  • Nadaph

    That’s a good point, demos are usually tailored to for the shorter play time, and that would give plenty of experience with weapons and switching them around. The only case I could see the durability remaining small is if the NX is a hand held and a home console where factors in hand held games (fun in short bursts) is considered. However that’s purely speculation as there’s no info on NX. I’m less concerned about weapon durability now.

  • Chris Farley

    That Nintendo not pull another all pre-orders get this special gift… fast forward to a couple months before release. Just kidding only pre-orders through gamestop get the special gift. Grr, I’m still bitter about that one.

  • Chris Farley

    Cough, cough… Star fox… Nintendo is a great company, but they don’t usually listen to the fans.

  • Cobalt

    Why on Earth would you not want an NX release?

  • lynne.deherrera

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  • Jesse Kwak

    Because the NX version is almost certainly the reason why the Wii u version got delayed to from 2016 to 2017, missing the 30th anniversary. I couldn’t care less either way wether we get an NX version or not, but I agree with his sentiments and that is NOT a good reason to hold the Wii u version hostage if it can be or is done by holiday 2016.

  • A.J. Updike

    So far, I have a lot of faith in the Zelda team when it comes to the music and the traditional green tunic and hat. I also believe the weapon deterioration won’t be a serious issue either. I’m hoping that the weapons you gather in certain areas or from more difficult enemies will allow for longer use. The only thing I’m really worried about (it’s mentioned a lot above) is the storyline. The exploration and “thrown into the game” aspects are extremely exciting, but I’ve always loved the deep background and linear storyline; it’s one of the reasons the Zelda series is my absolute favorite. I don’t mind going away from that, as long as the plot and goal are still present most of the time. I don’t want to get lost in constant exploration, collecting, and side quests — not to the point of distraction.

  • Derek Rife

    The inability to run and swing your weapon at the same time like in Twilight Princess.

    That’s really it for me.

    It was such a good inclusion for the series and made cutting grass really fun. No idea why they ever decided to get rid of it.

  • A Concerned Fan

    BotW looks extremely unfinished like it wasn’t even supposed to be in state worthy of demonstrating but the higher-ups at Nintendo just said “fuck it”

    Either that, or they honestly did think it was ready to show and that saddens me even more.

    For the most part, almost every concept shown in-great-detail during it’s 3 days of playability seems like it really was just a concept or an idea loosely tossed in for internal development purposes of figuring out what might be a good idea and what might not be, with the latter half of that whole process of determining good from bad being absent. The HUD UI element for the temperature gauge seemed weird and unnecessary, for example.

    The healing and health management seemed broken or otherwise poorly thought-out since you can carry potentially upwards of 40 healing items at any time with instant access to them at any moment the player pauses the game. There we’re situations during the demo where a player would be frozen by an ice monster and a single hit away from death, but they just paused the game and ate food within the menu which restored Link’s health with any semblance of danger completely absent. Compare to situations in past 3D zelda games where Link has been frozen or bound and unable to use healing items so death is inevitable, and even in those games you still only had 4 bottles worth of potions or in the very least, 4 fairies that could save you postmortem. Poorly planned, poorly designed system that practically makes the player immortal. Worse yet is the need for certain foodstuffs for certain recipes, and the need to hunt and kill nature’s wild and defenseless animals for meat just seems completely out of place in a Nintendo game as a whole.

    The lack of any cinematic camera changes for speaking with the old man NPC seemed extremely amateurish. Link ragdolling after receiving heavy attacks gave me uneasy feelings about the lack of control and polish that would have otherwise been there with determinable and intentionally designed animations instead of a reliance on a physics engine with the capacity to go haywire as proven by literally every single game with a comprehensive physics engine made over the past 12 years. The prevalence of low-quality junk equipment with the degradation system is somewhat offputting as another “for internal testing purposes only” moment. The idea that even a bad wooden pot-lid shield can reflect laser beams throws any end-game hopes right out the window for returning equipment ideas like a Mirror Shield. Bombs being magical also throws some shade on the more traditional concept of having limited inventory items that could be upgraded and foregoes any reason to hope for a collection / thorough-world-exploring aspect, as well as the overall implication that there may not even be a proper magic meter.

    The sound design wasn’t very good at all with most of the sound effects seeming more like place-holders than not. Link’s soft leather shoes giving off the footstep sound of hard wooden swedish clogs, a majority of Link’s grunts sounding excessively feminine, and the lack of any kind of musical soundscape with the more-or-less confirmed idea that there would be no overworld theme in the single zelda game with the largest overworld yet comes off as nothing but lazy, when what they really should have done was have multiple overworld themes. The only piece of music from the entire E3 experience worth noting was the trailer themesong which wasn’t actually present in the demo for the game, and the music that was in the game for battles sounded “off” in terms of a lack of coherent melody, harmony or even rhythym – almost like they’d be randomly generated with a small digital-band of 6 or so instruments rather than orchestrated or powerful or catchy.

    I hope that when they show it off again at E3 2016 – it is surprisingly different than their E3 2016 showing – different in all the right ways that would actually make this seem like a must-own, must-play Zelda game rather than some haphazardly stuck together physics-based project of a bunch of “ideas” that don’t properly mesh or weren’t fully fledged in their implementation.

  • tabascoman

    I have to disagree with most of your points. To be honest, the game look pretty much done to me. The sound and tepurature gauge fit with the survival aspect. The implementation of the is mediocre at best, but all that needs is a change in the UI. As for the exuipment, the idea is that each piece of equipment bear differing levels of efficacy and durability. The game is not designs for the pot lid to be a good shield in any scenario.
    As for the healing, you do raise a good point, and an easy way to fix it would be to take a page from the witcher 3; in which healing items function gradually and in real time.
    With the music, I and probably everyone else here wholeheartedly agree with you. What bothers me is how journalists are praising it when they are probably going to hate it by the time they write reviews.
    In any case, like I said, I think the game is almost done. I have a feeling it will be out before E3 2017…

  • tabascoman

    I have to disagree with most of your points. To be honest, the game look pretty much done to me.
    The sound and tepurature gauge fit with the survival aspect. The implementation of them is mediocre at best, but all that needs is a change in the UI.
    As for the equipment, the idea is that each piece of equipment bear differing levels of efficacy and durability. The game is not designed for the pot lid to be a good shield in any scenario. If anything, like skyward sword, having the degradation system implies that there will be a ‘legendary’ unbreakable sword, shield, bow, and armor (i.e. The master sword, hylian shield, and hero’s tunic)
    I also don’t understand how cinematic angles are necessary during dialogue. Cutscenes, yes, but dialogue? To add to that, ragdoll physics seem perfectly appropriate for heavy attacks and dying.
    As for the healing, you do raise a good point, and an easy way to fix it would be to take a page from the witcher 3; in which healing items function gradually and in real time. Will Nintendo do that? I dunno…
    With the music, I and probably everyone else here wholeheartedly agree with you. What bothers me is how journalists are praising it when they are probably going to hate it by the time they write reviews.
    In any case, like I said, I really think the game is almost done. I have a feeling it will be out before E3 2017…

  • tabascoman

    Link has always looked a little stupid. In Ocarina he was given long underwear. In windwaker he had a double chin. In twilight princess he made silly expression. The philosophy behind link’s design is to make him cool, but not TOO cool

  • A light story. You can skip to the final boss which I think means there are story elements that are not required.

  • aquaisra

    I’m definitely worried about the balancing of size vs density. Weapon degradability is not that big of an issue for me tbh, I like the strategy of maintaining an inventory and using weapons that are durable/ strong only for difficult fights etc. It introduces a nice layer of complexity to the game. I also like how this will encourage players to try different weapons that they may not have normally considered.

    On to my main concern though, I don’t think ANY of the footage we have seen shows any sort of town/ village at all except Hyrule castle ofc. I know that the devs have stated that there is a specific reason for this, but I do hope that exploration shall be rewarded beyond the typical “you get a Heart Piece”. The introduction of objectives would seem to point in this way, but we shall have to see.

  • mamamoo

    The one thing that I didn’t like is the HUD on the top left corner were it shows Link’s HP and Weapon select. It looks a bit dull but hopefully they’ll change it in the final game. Also its the lack of overworld theme in the demo. I know it’s nice to hear the wind and the birds, but I like it when the music plays over and over again, like in EVERY Zelda game. I find open world games a bit intimidating, but I hope I get to enjoy this one! I think the part were Link’s weapons breaks can also be more challenging. What if a dungeon too long and after you get to the boss fight every weapon breaks? Overall this game looks awesome!

  • Riverlilyrs

    Oh my I can’t emphasize how disappointed I am that the master sword hasn’t made an apperance

  • Didn’t ask for a retard reply

    nah game looks like shit. Won’t be out by E3 2017.

  • Ryan Tyler

    Personally, I think my time with the series is about to end. Not to say I won’t still play the games, but I just think I need to let it go. Personally the heavy emphasis on non-linearity troubles me because I prefer hybrid elements of linear and non-linear. Naturally my personal favorite is Wind Waker. Say what you will it did combine linear and non-linear elements whether you agree or not. And here is where I will get some hate mail possibly…..I don’t think this game is going to be as great as they say. It all comes down to simple logic: When has Aunoma, apologies if I misspelled, been in charge of a Zelda game that WASN’T met with polarizing reactions. Ever since Majora’s Mask, the games he has been in charge of aren’t exactly know for unifying the fan base. The Twi-hards as I call them seem to want a realistic M-rated game for example so this game won’t appeal to them. Also, why are people so happy of the big overworld? Wind Waker had a big overworld and it got verbally abused, then TP does it and everyone is excited about it. Hypocrisy much? Another thing, I have seen the E3 demo playings and the only thing I got out of it was that the world was big and one girl kept saying “shrines” and now her voice is stuck in my head. the point I am trying to make is that this game can’t possibly live up to the hype it is getting. I know what Nintendo is doing; they are trying to recover their losses. A sure sign of desperation. I’m surprised no one has talked about the dungeons. I’m just saying that given all the trash Wind Waker got for its dungeon this hasn’t been brought up, especially since no one will shut up about travelling the dungeons out of order. My question is what difference does it make when you enter a dungeon? The point is you entered a dungeon. Okay I have said too much but bottom line is that this game just can’t be as good as they are saying becasue no one ever universally agrees with other members of the fan base.

  • tabascoman

    Well, It’s definitely there…

  • Anonymous

    Windwaker had an open world, but like Twilight Pricnesses it was relatively empty. The parts that were full of stuff were the islands, but these were small and surrounded by a large ocean of sailing. I personally didn’t mind the sailing element, but a lot of people did, so exploring wasn’t much fun for them. On the other hand Breaht of the Wild’s world is not only huge but packed with variety, enemies, and things to do. And I don’t really remember Twilight Pricness beign praised for it’s world, more for it’s dungeons and dark tone. Also, a lot of people love Windwaker and consider a classic, while quite a lot of others dislike Twilight Princess. I personally liked both, but the point is that Windwaker really isn’t an underrated game like it used to be any more.

  • Anonymous

    They showed the very beginning of the game, and it was mostly exploration and shrines, not storyline. We know it will show up eventually, so I wouldn’t worry.

  • Anonymous

    Well I haven’t played ALBW yet, though I hope too, but I do agree with the second point. However judging from what we’ve seen already they seem to have a wide variety of areas. Just on the Great Plateau we’ve seen an icy mountain, a highland grassland, and a forest.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I don’t get why the girl thing matters. I was paying Minish Cap earlier and my younger neighbors walked in and thought Link was a girl, so what? Besides, he doesn’t even look like a girl to me, more just young.

    And Peter Scott Yakir, Link has always sounded a little strange.

  • Anonymous

    They chose a different design, and it will change again for the next game. It’s not that big of a deal, he doesn’t need to be the epitome of manliness, he’s a kid. Besides, I like the design.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Im all for an open world, I’ve been saying Zelda should do this since the early gamecube era. I just hope they manage to make it engaging.

  • kys

    How do you breathe?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The only thing I’m worried about is weapon durability. I feel like it might cancel out the fun of having so many cool weapons, because everyone’s afraid to lose them. It would have been better if they just limited the amount of weapons, so you still can’t hoard, but you also get to keep and use your favorites.

  • Andrew

    I trust Nintendo. This game is going to be incredible.

    Everyone is fretting over the supposed “new” open-world aspect of the game. The entire heart of what made the original so special was that people got lost… and none of the games are really all that linear. Even the parts in the game where you’re led down a path… it isn’t like you’re running from one objective marker to the other, like every other game. Just about every game is an open-world game, and with the technology expanding, it makes sense that this is where Zelda goes.

    They’ve been working on this game for a long time. Besides the fact that there’s a bunch of ways to get around, you can also warp to a marker on command. Even if every section isn’t densely packed, you’ll probably only have to run through it once… warping to the important stuff.

    I played all of The Witcher 3 this year… and I mean ALL of it. I really don’t think Breath of the Wild is going to have as much content, and the bar has been set pretty high. Here’s the thing though… no item weight and you can climb every surface… those are two of the biggest annoyances in these types of games. The fact that you can just go over anything, run in a straight line toward a beacon… it’s great. Nintendo is going to polish this game up too… the story will be there and it’ll add a ton to the lore and it’ll be filled with classic Zelda moments. I’m telling you guys… this is the big one. Nintendo needs this to be a hit.

    I hope we get a bit more music… but there’s so much we don’t know about this game. There’s obviously going to be towns and dungeons… eccentric characters and a bunch of stuff to collect. Everything we’ve seen so far has been very isolated.

    The rumor is for a March release… and seeing how it’s definitely not going to be November, that makes sense. I hope it goes quick because I’m excited.

  • Nothing but hype. :B

  • edith.baber

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  • toonlink101


  • Vikna

    In short,
    1. cartoon graphics AGAIN

    2. Lack of towns and people, even though Nintendo says they will be there, I’m a bit worried about so much secrecy on that part
    3. Lack of big, full-fleged, complete dungeons, and small, short easy mini dungeons (trials) in its place.
    4. Those colored strings of light that Link uses to control different weapons to other things, I dont like them, they look ugly and don’t fit the environment or the theme
    5. I don’t like the bokoblins, at all
    6. Weapons deteriorate, I hope there are actual legit weapons that don’t.

  • linkyo123

    just that theirs no green tunic and how it seems kind of like a nockoff of skyrim and minecraft but other than that it looks awesome!

  • Level 857

    My only concern is that we’re going back to buttons for fighting enemies again after motion control for Skyward Sword. Wish there was at least an option to use my gold Wii Remote Plus again. Other than that I’m sure this game will still be awesome

  • Level 857

    Wind Waker’s open world was traversed by boring sailing in a big blue ocean. Definitely takes a backseat to horse-riding and fighting and shooting arrows while on horseback. Shooting bombs from a boat wasn’t all that fun.

  • Pikastroff

    Regarding your 3rd complaint, they did say that the big, traditional dungeons will come back.

    The point I agree the most with is your second. To be fair, you CAN see some houses if you look really close in the trailer, but that’s VERY OBVIOUSLY not enough for us to judge. I’m so concerned about villages and towns, because I fear that we may end up with towns which won’t really have any meaning, or life for that matter. While I have no problems with small villages, I like them a lot actually, I hope we can also see Clock Town kind of towns, which are full of life, with lots of side quests and activities, which are memorable. Likewise, I hope that each village will have AT LEAST 1 sidequest, even if some of them are not too long. You know, to justify why the player should come into the village in the first place. Regarding large towns, I admit I would not expect a lot, considering the setting of the game. Probably just 2 or 3, or even just 1 if we’re unlucky. But hopefully, this Zelda will be the first step for Nintendo to catch up and make excellent MULTIPLE villages and towns at the same time. The reason why I say MULTIPLE is that in Zelda games, with few towns, they tend to be well made. I loved Skyloft, for instance. But well, it literally was the only sign of civilization of the entirety of Skyward Sword. Guess we’ll wait and see.

  • Kcecilgamer

    So far I’ve noticed there’s no chest tune or animation when opening one or the holding an item up even, I want my Da Da Da Daaaa! It just doesn’t feel right without it, maybe I’m just picky..

  • BananaGod

    From what Nintendo has revealed, Breath of the Wild looks absolutely stunning to me. However, some of the things I worry about are side character involvement, and the music.

    If I’m correct, Nintendo has stated that villeges and villagers will appear in game. But, just seeing how deserted Hyrule looks from revealed footage just makes me hope that the villages will be very lively. Otherwise, it could get lonely.

    As a music major, I have a passion for music. I absolutely love what the game’s music has to offer so far. Hell, the trailer theme made me cry. However, slow, ambiant themes throughout Hyrule? I certainly hope it’s not always like that. I hope to hear some iconic, upbeat music.

    Overall, I don’t have many complaints about Breath of the Wild. The game hasn’t released yet, and I know Nintendo’s giving it their all. I trust them. I’m hyped for this game.

  • Abdul-Azeez Azeez

    I don’t like the climbing or the return of the stamina bar

  • Zzen

    Just curious, why don’t you like the climbing? It seems to me that it adds a really interesting degree of verticality to the game world and removes the classic Skyrim problem of spending 30 minutes trying to get around a mountain. All in all very promising, though I really hope there are ways to extend the stamina bar.

  • diegobaro

    I don’t like the way you “full” your heart with extra yellow. I mean, what happen with the heart pieces?

    And you just found a Bow/Fire Rod/Any Sword/any anything just like that? you walk and… found…?

  • Abdul-Azeez Azeez

    Its just that he climbs so slow, it takes up too much of the stamina bar and it limits exploration. I would rather have him fly for vertical exploration like XCX

  • Snippetysnappity

    My main concern would be that it seems like it might be straying too far from what makes a Zelda game a Zelda game. I’m holding any proper judgment for when I actually get to play it, but like many others have said so far, it looks more like Skyrim or something rather than Zelda. I feel like they’ve been cutting out iconic things that’s making me wonder if it’s going to feel like a Zelda game when I play it as opposed to some other fun, open world game.

  • richfiles

    The thing that I find disappointing, is that they completely did away with finding heart pieces or heart containers, and now it’s just a gift for completing shrines. I’m not saying that’s a bad reward. It’s great. but I’d much rather have had the option to get heart containers (or rather pieces of heart) from shrine completion, and MIX it with searching for them out in the overworld.

  • Franpa

    Wii U observations:

    1) Can not fully redefine at least all the buttons and shoulder buttons (excluding DPad and associated button combinations).
    2) some auto-progressed dialog (like the intro text for Trials and the text when completing a Trial) should display for at least a quarter second longer before progressing to the next bit of text, adding a background or something behind the text to make it easier to read wouldn’t hurt either because it sometimes appears with the glowing ceiling behind the text.
    3) The option to have an opaque background behind text doesn’t affect all dialog with a background behind the text.
    4) Can not view the Durability and Current Durability of your weaponry. There is only a non-descriptive warning when it is “close” to breaking (Periodically flashing red every so often when it is close to breaking doesn’t indicate how many times I can use it in a pristine state before it breaks).
    5) When pressing + the game will decide which inventory menu panel to open to (weapons, armour, shields, bow, food, cooked food, quest items) instead of opening to the one you were last looking at. (I think it changes which one to open to if you get an item, I don’t like this behaviour)

    6) If you loot an item from a treasure chest and your inventory is full, it does not give you the option to open the inventory menu and drop an item in order to free up enough space to loot what you’re trying to pick up. You have to cancel out of looting the item, open the inventory and drop the item and THEN go and loot the item you wanted.
    7) Wii U Gamepad gyro sensor is required for some puzzles. Must switch away from Pro Controller. I think this drained the Wii U Gamepad battery excessively fast. The Gyro in the Wii U Gamepad is utilized poorly, the puzzles do not respond at all well to subtle movements of the game pad making the puzzles frustrating to control as they ony respond to excessive movements.
    8) I feel like the game did a poor job of explaining the controls for the Paraglider when you first obtain it.
    9) When using Sheikah Slate view (Click the right analog stick) to place Pins, it would be nice if the Pins stated underneath them which region of Hyrule the Pin is located in when looking at them through this Sheikah Slate View. This would make it easier to judge if you’ve placed a pin beyond where you intended without having to open the map and confirm you got the pins right.
    10) The first tutorial for using the Sheikah Slate view to pin stuff gave me the impression the NPC was meant to congratulate me once I had successfully tagged the places I was supposed to tag with a pin, however the NPC just kept ordering me to tag the places with no indication of me being successful at the task (I ended up ditching the NPC and going to the places).

    11) If you lob food on to a campfire (You’re meant to use stone bowls with tripod feet) a mysterious and completely illogical wind will erupt from the ground and blow most of the food away from the fire! This seems to only happen with the spicy pepper stuff.
    12) The smallest font present in the game should be larger and easier to read from a distance, alternatively remove or reduce the glow surrounding various fonts and UI elements (like the temperature gauge for a UI Element example).
    13) No title screen/main menu music? Seriously?
    14) If you use Headphones with the Wii U Gamepad and the gamepad goes flat, the game will not detect this and will not switch audio output to the TV. There is no in-game option to switch the audio output device either (Wii U Home menu can be heard fine on TV but the game remains dead silent)

  • Franpa

    It’s not at all like Skyrim, primarily because it has a decent visual & audio aesthetic and also because it is fun (without needing to mod the heck out of it).

  • Franpa

    As the game tells you, stamina consumption rate is derived from the slant of the wall. The steeper it is the more stamina is consumed per second when climbing it. If you find it slow, there is a Jump Button to boost your ascent for a chunk of Stamina.

    Climbing sidewards & downwards though? Those are slooooow without you being able to do anything about it other than jumping down which can be a fatal alternative in some places (Eventually you get something to work around the fatality of this though).

  • Franpa

    Updated this list a bit and changed some previously mentioned issues to improve clarity. Worst thing encountered so far is a puzzle that required the Wii U Gamepad’s Gyroscope functionality.

  • Franpa

    Inability to perform a Closing Dash in combat (where you dash forward to close the gap between you and the enemy) is pretty annoying and ruins the flow of combat.

    When aiming a bow while Z-Targeting it is difficult to adjust the aim to where you want it to be as it constantly feels like it is shifting all over the place while you’re adjusting it (I think the position relative to the enemy/target is constant, it’s just the camera movement as the enemy moves about that makes it difficult to realize this).

    When Z-Targeting, your Bow’s default aim tends to be low (prone to hitting bumps in the terrain) or at weird angles instead of directly at the enemy.

    No Loading Screen Tip mentioning enemies and certain attacks are able to disarm you?

    Loading Screen Tip mentioning Armour Set Bonuses fails to mention that the armour must be upgraded twice.

    The “Sort” mechanic for the inventory seems to illogically sort weapons, armour, shields, bows? Surely you’d have an option to sort from weakest to strongest (& vice versa) as an option? The existing Sort methods seem bad. Yes there is a sorting method that groups items but the groups are ordered in a way that to me makes no sense to me.

  • Franpa

    If an item restores more than 5 hearts it will display a number over the first heart, indicating it heals that many hearts in addition to the hearts displayed adjacent to it. This number is hard to read.

    The game should have a Recipe Book which you can access at any time, listing recipes you’ve discovered (alphabetical ordering & splitting recipes in to categorizing). I know you can review a recipe but it would be nice to just have a list of recipes in a left pane with it showing the results of the recipe in a right pane.