ZD Top 5 – Stories You’d Like To See In Zelda

ww-story7Breath of the Wild is proving to be a juggernaut of a Zelda title, with a grand world for us all to explore in our own way. But as of yet, we do not know the details of why we are exploring. The story is still quite a mystery. What is clear, though, is that since this is likely to become a new basis for the style of future Zelda games, a whole new world of stories and plot lines could open up. This week, the ZD staff take a look at what kind of stories they want Nintendo to implement into Breath of the Wild, and any games following it.

Hit the jump for their thoughts, and make sure to hit the comments with your own wishes for the future stories that take place in Hyrule!

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

5. Building the First Hyrule
4. Discovering New Hyrule
3. Clash of the Gerudo
2. Princess on the run
1. The Queenmaker

The Legend of Zelda has already told many kinds of stories, but there are so many more to be told. One that I would like to see is how the first Hyrule came to be. Sure, after Skyward Sword Link and Zelda have moved to the surface world… but there’s nothing there but some ruins. They’ll have to build up a civilization somehow. Gathering supplies, striking alliances by solving problems through clearing dungeons and discovering a way to recover from the population bottleneck by finding more people. Another would be the discovery of New Hyrule, taking place between Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Going by the stained glass window in New Hyrule’s castle it was not too soon after Phantom Hourglass, but I’m curious as to the events surrounding it. Finding the land, taming it and building a new Hyrule above the waves to succeed the old one below them. The Gerudo clash poses an issue regarding Ganondorf: if the Gerudo have to support their king no matter what, Ganondorf is revived and clashes with the current, younger and benevolent king… who will they follow? Will he ask help from Hyrule to support his claim? Having the princess on the run would be like the events from Ocarina of Time told from Zelda’s perspective. What does she do to try and reclaim her country? How will Link help her? Is he even in the game? Or is perhaps Zelda the protagonist and is helping Link out here and there something you do in the game? Sure, this would be a lot like Ocarina of Time with a perspective flip, but with a good story this can be a lot of fun, if just a spinoff. But the story I’d like to see the most is the one of how Zelda’s family became royalty. Going by the events of the timeline this is in the aftermath of a great war for the Triforce, cumulating in it being sealed away and her family becoming the royal family. What kind of battles were fought here? What kind of evil (aside from possibly the Dark Interlopers) was defeated? And how did they eventually obtain the crown? Did they claim it or were they appointed it due to popular demand? There is a great story in there that I would absolutely love to see.

Jon Lett – View Profile

5. A Better Look at the Medieval (i.e. VIOLENT) Politics of Hyrule
4. Link and Zelda Helping Older Link and Zelda from a Previous Game to Save Hyrule
3. The Return of Vaati and the Four Sword
2. Spin-Off Game About Lorule
1. Link Rebelling Against Corrupt/Immoral Goddesses

I’ve talked about this before, and really, I don’t think it is something that Nintendo would do for a number of reasons, but the idea of Link rebelling against the Goddesses for moral reasons is fascinating. We have seldom had instances in the Zelda series where we had to make serious moral choices, or simply had to go down a path that was against what we thought was right. That sort of moral questioning and decision making could suit the series well, I think, and this would be an instance where it would make sense. After all, the Golden Goddesses may seem all mighty and righteous now, but if you look back at all the ways they acted OVERLY righteous or uncaring of the world (“Let’s just leave these golden triangles here where anyone can have them.”), you may start to see that Link might do well to stop acting as the tool of three Goddesses whose problem solving skills involve flooding an entire kingdom of innocent people.

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

5. The Ancient Battle
4. Hyrule Kingdom Before the Great Flood
3. The Casting Out of the Dark Interlopers
2. The Hyrulean Civil War
1. The Creation of Majora’s Mask

There are a great many canon historical events in the Zelda series that we really only hear snip-its about from various characters. These are a couple of those events that I think would make for interesting Zelda games. I lacked creativity in that none of these are original ideas, they would all fall in obvious places on the timeline, but that can be a good thing. I think these games would have a lot of nostalgic value, as they’d directly reference other games in the series and fill in some of the gaps us Zelda fanatics constantly try to plug with theory after theory. Possibly bridging the gaps between certain games, or seeing the narratives that lead up to them, would make the series feel like more of an interconnected continuum and strengthen the sometimes thinly justified linkings of rather unrelated games. I think of the ones on this list, the casting out of the Dark Interlopers would be my favorite storyline, but the creation of Majora’s mask would be the best to analyze thematically.

  • tortle3k

    Something new.

  • Ganondorf’s infinity gauntlet.

  • Chris

    Would love to see more about the dark interlopers and dark link. Gannondorfs childhood and rise to power would be a cool subject to visit as well.

  • SethofRenais

    I have always wanted to see a game about what happened to Zelda during the 7 years Link was in the temple of time in OoT, how does she stay safe and how does she become Sheik? I think that would make a great spin off game and would let players play as Zelda. But I know BotW will not have that in it, I am hoping that it will be about new Hyrule and that it will fill in some of the story there.

  • Christian Beach

    I would love to see the Interloper War.

  • tj knutson

    i have all ways wanted a 3d minish cap sequal with the return of vati and ezlo

  • Alan da Cruz

    I want to see the return of Onox, the General of Darkness, the Twiilight Dragon; and Veran, the Sorceress of Darkness, the evil Fairy. But in 3D. See Link killing a giant armored Iron Knuckle chainball wielding, to become a giant Darkness Dragon. ♥

    And something like gathering a army from diferente races, followed by a rly total war, with realy NPC activity. Against who doesn’t matter, just this would be very cool. Always is cool.

  • Hero of the Wild

    That could be very awesome, I think. Minish Cap was one of my favorite Zelda games.

  • Hero of the Wild

    The one thing that I’ve really wanted to see is more about the Sheikah race, and their role in helping the royal family. Breath of the Wild seems like it will cover at least some of this what with the Shiekah Slate and heavy use of the Sheikah symbol.

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    I’d like to see basically any part of the canonical timeline that hasn’t been touched on yet. The obvious one being the great war in the downfall timeline, but also a spinoff game where you play as Ganon would be awesome; to see the downfall timeline from the perspective of the victor. I’m sure some of this stuff will be touched on eventually, but we’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

  • LoZ Fan

    I would like a story about Hyrule being un-flooded. It seems likely.

  • Christopher Payne

    The Skyward Sword manga. I want a zelda game where Link is just an ordinary man, not being bent to the wills of a goddess (wether it be Hylia or Farore.), and a hero in his own right. Obviously, if it were that EXACT Link, he’d have to die at the end in order for SS to take place, but that’s another twist.
    We’re aware of the Downfall timeline, but we have not seen it’s fruition. A Zelda where Link doesn’t necessarily WIN is also a good Idea.
    (You know, that manga would be perfect if Link had forged the Goddess Sword instead of the Master Sword.)

  • Meh… a lot of these I actually wouldn’t want to see. Part of what makes a lot of the legends in Hyrule (or Termina) so amazing is the mystery that surrounds them. It’s like in Star Wars Episode I when they use medichlorians to explain the force, giving a scientific explanation just ruins the mystery. Also you guys should really change the thumb nail name from Zelda Wii U to Breath of the Wild, not doing so just makes this website seem out of date.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. Part of what makes the Zelda franchise so cool is that they’re always adding to the lore and creating more mysteries.

  • Arale

    Revisiting old settings would be cool. We’ve seen a dozen different Hyrules, but only one of Termina, Lorule, Labrynna, Holodrum, etc.

  • Ramaguard

    Just end the dumb Demise curse to end the convoluted storyline already. That’s all the zelda story is really about- Demise cursed hyrule and all the ruin and death will repeat endlessly because of it. This means the first Link failed to save Hyrule and every other Link failed as well. All Links are pathetic failures, let’s see an actual hero that truly succeeds for once by breaking the eternal curse.

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  • Jeshua

    The heros Shade story

  • Common Cents

    Good idea!

  • Common Cents

    A fragmented Master Sword, which regrows like Soul Caliber!
    If one sliver entered Link’s body, maybe he could kill Ganondorf bare-handed?

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  • TLOZ

    1-More descriptive back story about Zant and Midna
    2-After story of Midna after she breaks the mirror
    3-Lorule, Ravio, and Princess Hilda before A Link Between Worlds
    4-Princess Zelda and Link after Spirit Tracks
    5-Where did Navi go after Ocarina of Time

  • Anonymous

    Well I only really have two, but here they are.

    2. Breath of the Wild Style Ocean Adventure: For a while now, Zelda games have had two options. There’s either a small but very detailed overworld, or a large but relatively empty open world. This kind of thing also pertained to bodies of water. Most Zelda games had small, isolated bodies of water to make exploration easier. And those who had larger ones either made it mostly empty or cut off water travel entirely. However, with the making of breath of the wild, Nintendo has managed to make a Zelda game that has bot ha huge world and lots of detail. So naturally I can only wonder if we might have another ocean adventure, but this time one where you can explore the entire ocean floor. I’m not sure if it would work, but I’m definitely interested in seeing an attempt.

    1. Zelda Politics: Why do the Zoras and Gorons serve the Kingdom of Hyrule? What happened to the Gerudo and Kokiri in Twilight Princess? Why did the Deku Tree keep the Kokiri in the forest when they clearly don’t die if they leave? Imagine a game where the Ganondorf isn’t the enemy, or demise, or malladus, the kingdom of Hyrule is. Link has to figure out who is truly the good guy, and uncover the dark histories of hyrule’s past in the process. This is something I’ve wanted for a while, and it would be great if Hyurle went behind the typical prosperous kingdom.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I feel like these are things best left to mystery. I can see why you would want to know, but personally, I think if it was revealed where Navi went, or if there was another story involving Midna, it would ruin e finality of those endings. It’s the same reason I’m not too happy with phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, because I like to think of Wind Waker as an ending.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always thought he was Ocarina of Time Link, and I support that theory that his regrets might come form all the turmoil he left Hyrule too when he was stuck in Termina.

  • Anonymous

    Zelda is about Link’s progression towards becoming a hero, if you want to give it any philosophical meaning at all. And it doesn’t mean he fails just because evil will rise again. That’s actually one of the big appeals of his story. He’s caught in this endless cycle of death, and yet he triumphs every time, because he has too. Doesn’t mean he failed, just that he’s doing his duty to Hyrule.

  • Anonymous

    This actually would be really cool. Especially Labrynna and Holodrum, I’d like to see how they relate to Hyrule. Though I still feel like Termina should be left as a one time thing.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. It’s great to speculate about, and I love doing it in my own time, but it should be left to that, speculation. I have my own theories on what happens and I wouldn’t want a game setting everything in stone. One of the things I don’t like about Hyrule Historia.

  • Anonymous

    But does that make the King of the Red Lions’ sacrifice mean nothing? It’s the same thing as bringing Midna back for another game. That ending was sad because she destroyed the mirror forever, if she comes back what’s the point?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don’t think a game that already has everything about it preset will turn out well. OoT was a prequel to LTTP, but they took creative liberties and made the story creative. A game set in the canon timeline would be even more constricted.

  • Anonymous

    Agree about dark link. He’s very mysterious, but has a lot of potential. Also agree about the Ganondorf thing, though I’m not sure how that would work in a game.

  • Anonymous

    I started it recently, and it’s pretty good. Wierd but good. I’d be interested in seeing a 3D sequel. Still I doubt it will happen as the game doesn’t have the reputation of something like Ocarina of Time, plus they already made the four swords games.

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    So basically you want a game that will permanently end the Zelda series by resolving all loose ends within the story of each game and the timeline? So no more Zelda, that’s… cool?

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    Technically every game is set in the canon timeline, just new entries have to explain the details behind their placement. A Link Between Worlds placed itself within the framework crafted by the timeline and that worked fine. Plus, the only real detail we have is that Link falls. What Ganon does to finish him is unclear, and it’s unclear whether it was even Ganon who finished him in the first place. Plus, amidst the work done by the sages, his hands might be full hiring minions, fighting their power, even hunting them down. In addition, there may have been political powers at work. In the beginning of Ocarina of Time, he was persuading the King of Hyrule that the Gerudo were on his side.
    Any of these options give a large potential for story to be created where there otherwise isn’t one, or if there is one, it’s vague and shallow.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I may have worded that wrong. I mean games that are meant to play out specific events already layer out in another game. A link between worlds was actually free to do what it liked, because it wasn’t trying to play out specific events.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, though it’s not really my idea in origin. Similar ideas have been thought of before, but I have my own version of events.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. Just yes.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow. I thought you we’re talking gun to me. Still not used to this posting system… I knew it didn’t make much sense.

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    Still, if the specific event is vague enough to be expounded upon, something might be worth touching on. The Halo series, for example, referenced a planet called Reach; the first planet the bad guys took over. The war in which they took over, as well as the back story of the main character’s origin and military history was later chronicled in what was my favorite of the Halo novels. The idea of what was happening had been established, but the details were scarce and thus a new creation could be wrought of them. The same is true for the Zelda series tenfold.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, however a book is different than a game. A lot of the canon events have no Link in them, and to substitute link in means that he failed. Plus, when the ending is already set up, which a lot of Zelda events are, the storyline loses some of the excitement.

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    Taking the war in the downfall timeline, we literally know nothing important about it. What happened when the Hero did not appear in the adult timeline; why didn’t he appear?
    Thoughts like this have hundreds of open ended answers that we could never possibly see the ending to for certain. Even so, in many ways the Zelda series is a journey rather than a destination since most of the tube the story ends with Link killing Ganon and saving the Princess. I can tell you right now that’s how Breath of the Wild ends, so why is that different than having an ending that part of which can be predicted based on the timeline?
    Also, substituting Link doesn’t mean he failed on a grand scale, just that perhaps he wasn’t able to be there at that time. Before there was a canon timeline, I theorized that no hero appeared before Wind Waker because the Link that could have saved Hyrule was the hero of Link’s Awakening in an alternate ending that decided to stay and eternally protect Koholint from the Nightmares rather than returning to his own world that needed him. This might just be a fanboy theory, but something similar could one day be added to the canon. It would more likely be a new game, rather than an alternate ending to one in a different timeline (obviously), but this idea could be used to explain that Hero’s journey, perhaps even explaining the whereabouts of Adult Link after Ocarina of Time.

  • Anonymous

    To clear things up, which war are you talking about?

    Ocarina of time ended with Link being sent back in time to relive his childhood. Windwaker ended with King Daphnes sacrificing himself to keep Hyrule hidden forever. Skyward sword ended with Link sign time travel to defeat Demsie in both the present and the future. Yes, they all involve the defeat of the villain, and saving Zelda, but each has a large twist to them. There’s often a surprise, and when the ending is set in stone the surprise disappears.

    How could you fully explain an event like the Imprisonign war or the war before Windwaker, if Lin laws there? Pivotal to both those stories is the idea that Link wasn’t there to save them. Same goes for the majority of canon Zelda events outside games.

  • edith.baber

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