Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer: Impa

Impa Impa fans rejoice! Tecmo Koei seems determined to keep pumping out information concerning Hyrule Warriors, as they have released another new character trailer Tuesday morning highlighting everyone’s favorite nursemaid/bodyguard, Impa!

Hit the jump to see just how much damage you’ll wreak with her!

Up until now, we’ve really only seen her in screenshots and a bit of gameplay footage, but this new trailer seems to illustrate a number of her abilities. First and foremost, despite the fact that she seems to be wielding a large sword (possibly a tachi), both her strikes and movement are nimble. As to be expected, her striking range is vast, with many of her swings having a wide area of effect.

Water-based attacks also appear to be a prominent component of Impa’s arsenal. Towards the end of the trailer, her combos end with a flourish of water magic taking the form of various weapons. Also, if you look closely, you can see that her water attacks materialize a sort of water bubble on her opponents’ heads. Enemies affected by this bubble seem to helplessly spin around; could Impa’s water magic have a disorienting effect in addition to dealing damage?

What are your thoughts? Are you as impressed with Impa as you thought you’d be? What character do you think will be showcased next? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube