The Hidden Triforce Offering College Scholarship


Because the price of college has been increasing rapidly over the past few decades, all kinds of scholarships pop up to help kids pay for their education. The Zelda community is no exception, and Hidden Triforce has stepped in to make a contribution to some aspiring student. Hit the jump to learn more.

Any current high school senior or college student is eligible for this $500 award. Unfortunately only one is given per year, however the judgement is based on a submitted essay. If you think you can write a good 500-2000 word essay with the following prompt, I encourage you to apply!

Describe a time when you have displayed an exceptional amount of courage or wisdom to accomplish a goal in life.

Certainly at some point in your life you’ve come across an applicable situation. I wondered why power wasn’t part of the essay prompt, however I suppose courage and wisdom make more sense in the academic world. And in any case, that third of the Triforce isn’t something that all Zelda fans would want to be associated with!

Applications must be received by August 15th, 2014.

Source: Hidden Triforce