Realistic Guru-Guru Music Boxes For Sale

il_570xN.492716872_3mgq-516x387The Song of Storms is one of the well known songs in Zelda history, played by Guru-Guru inside the Kakariko Village windmill. This music box made by CuriosityProps is a must have. Straight from Kakariko Village, the music box is painted by an airbrush artist to look exactly like the one in the game! The music box is an excellent gift for any Zelda game lover and an amazing addition to any collection. Hit the jump to see more.

This fully functional box is decorated almost identically to the one in the game and measures six by six inches. The inside of the box contains a small music strip that you can play with a turn of the crank at any speed you wish. The box ships worldwide, and costs $90. Each box is custom made, so allow at least two weeks before your item is ready to ship. The shop also offers international shipping.



Here is a video showing off the music box and how it sounds. Note that the video does not show the red crank that you will receive with purchase.

Do you like it? Would you add this to your collection? Do you think this is a good representation of Guru-Guru’s famed instrument? Discuss together in the comments below!

Source: Etsy