New Fairy Bottle Item Appearing In Super Smash Bros. 4

2Masahiro Sakurai has released yet another screenshot for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS for Wii U>. This week, we see a Zelda series item that is brand new for the Super Smash Bros. series: a bottled fairy. This item leaves a whole lot of speculation as to what effects it will have on the battlefield.

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It is hard to say wether this item will be any more interesting than the usual healing items. Judging by what Sakurai has stated, it will heal players even more than the heart container items, which heal 100% damage. This could mean that it will replace the heart container, or it may even have some special effect that has not been seen in previous games. With so many new gameplay mechanics coming to this game, we really can’t be sure what any new items will do. In the end, it is just nice to see more Zelda series material coming to Super Smash Bros.

What do you think the fairy bottle will do? Do you expect more new Zelda items to show up in the game? Leave a comment!

Source: Miiverse