New Donkey Kong Game References Zelda

DKCTFThe upcoming release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, one of Nintendo’s strongest platforming series, returns on the Wii U this week and it is bringing some classic Nintendo hints and secrets with it. Nintendo has slipped in a few clever references to their other game series, and of course Zelda is no exception.

Hit the jump to see how Tropical Freeze‘s shopkeeper alludes to a classic quote!

As can be seen below, the lovable Funky Kong returns in this game and picks up the role of shopkeeper for the Kongs, slipping in a reference or joke here and there. When the player considers the purchase of a Crash Guard for their vehicle, Funky makes a fairly Zelda-like comment about the item… which also looks a bit like the Hylian Shield.


Twenty-eight years later, the Old Man’s words still ring true, no matter who speaks them. What are your thoughts on this clever little reference? Do you think there might be a few other Zelda allusions in the game? What are your thoughts for Donkey Kong in general? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: The Bit Block