Fan Song: “Dawn of the Third Day”

Dawn of the Third Day Zelda Parody SongFans of the Zelda series and country music are in for a treat. Youtuber Nathan Smith has posted a song that combines the soulful tone of the country genre with lyrics full of iconic Zelda imagery. Titled “Dawn of the Third Day,” it can be heard in its entirety after the jump.

Smith posted his fan-made music video on his NateWantsToBattle channel on Thursday. Surrounded by a field of grass, he proves his skills as a vocalist, guitarist and ocarina-player in a performance that is both emotionally moving and fun to listen to.

Although described as a parody by the artist, “Dawn of the Third Day” manages to paint a touching relationship between Link and Princess Zelda. It brings to heart the powerful emotions inherent in the series while doing it in a playful manner. With lyrics like “She hookshots straight to me heart,” the song could have relied completely on cheesy flavor, but Smith is able to infuse it with real sentimental power.

It never fails to amaze me how passionate fans of the Zelda games can get when expressing their love for the series. It truly goes to show that Zelda games are something more than mere entertainment; they’re works of art that inspire creative expression.

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Source: YouTube

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    Nate’s the best xD