Fan Art: Handmade Link Quilt

xnxo4MZThese days, fans will do anything in order to be surrounded by the passions they love. A great example of this is how reddit user lifesquared showed his handmade Link quilt. Not only does it look warm, but it looks professionally done.

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lifesquared was even kind enough to share some details about how he or she made the quilt.

“da da da DA! You got a Link Quilt. My first ever quilt, my mom even had to teach me how to use the sewing machine!

  • Step One: I created the pattern in excel based on a few sprites online and in screenshots, and used it to figure out how much of each color material I needed.
  • Step Two: I bought fabric and cut what seemed like a million squares.
  • Step Three: I put these into rows and sewed each row together horizontally.
  • Step Four: I sewed each row together, trying to line up each square. (You can tell I dropped the ball on that part.)
  • Step Five: I made a border and chose the back fabric and quilted it

It’s a lot more work than I expected – especially since I made it a full queen size instead of a small one – but well worth the effort since I’m a huge fan.”

What do you think of this quilt? Would you try to recreate it? Do you have similar works that you’ve created? Have a conversation in the comment section below.

Source: reddit