Does the Legend of Zelda Exploit Nostalgia?

98789465413Is the continued success of the series due to exploitation of nostalgia? This is the question that Jamin Warren of PBS Game Show has asked to the audience and he takes a look at the series as a whole and discusses what exactly keeps fans coming back.

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The Legend of Zelda has been massively popular for over 30 years running. People LOVE the series, creating fan art, cosplay, and diligently purchasing each new release in the series. But does this Zelda series exploit our feelings of nostalgia? We remember playing as kids, and the music, world, and even sounds bring back warm fuzzy feelings. Are the creators riding that success and using our childhood memories to their own gain? Are the games really that great? Watch the episode to find out!

Honestly I think he has a pretty good point. I have been in many conversations with fans over the years about this very subject. My personal theory has always been that Nintendo does like to maintain that nostalgic feeling in their games by their maintaining a certain style to all of their games. Zelda games always have a few points they always maintain such as Link is the silent hero, the game is based on exploration in an open environment of Hyrule, or Link through all the art styles still keeps the same green tunic and floppy hat. They always try to keep some things the same even if the setting changes drastically. The explanation of music proven to draw nostalgic thoughts in the viewer was an insteresting point.

Source: YouTube