Several New Screenshots of Zelda for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

Untitled Several more screenshots of Princess Zelda have been released for the new Super Smash Bros. This time around we get to see the new look of her magic, some more funny shots with other characters, and more.

Hit the jump to catch some of the most interesting new shots!

Some of these are rather intriguing, while other are just plain hilarious on Nintendo’s part.


Zelda is apparently massively under-powered, being bested by... this little guy.

Zelda is apparently massively under-powered, being bested by… this little guy.



We now get to see the size ratio between Zelda and Toon Link. MAN. That’s a big head.



Zelda realizes that Link has been lazing around like this for seven straight years…



…and punishes him.




The use of more varied expressions seems to be a bit more prominent in this game than in Brawl. Honestly, Zelda now looks a lot more… fierce, for lack of a better word, looking REALLY ticked off every time she attacks somebody. Also, where is our lovely Shiek in all of this? Not one picture has come up revealing Shiek, and this was a massive pile of pictures. Could she have been left out this time around?

You can view all of the new screenshots here.

Let us know your thoughts! Is it time we saw some pictures of Shiek? Will any of you be choosing Zelda as your primary fighter when this game comes out? let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Everything