More details revealed in new A Link Between Worlds trailer!

ALBWtitlescreenWithout even a Nintendo Direct to announce it with, Nintendo has suddenly uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming A Link Between Worlds to their YouTube channel today. This trailer features many never-before-seen clips from the game, including our first in-game look at the game’s villain and some new looks at previously revealed characters and locations. We now have a good look at some of our villain’s powers and can get some hint of his intent, and even a glimpse of what could be Ganon himself!

You can find the video after the jump.

In this trailer, there are plenty of new details worth noting:

– The Dark World in the game is known as Lorule
– The previously-seen wizard villain has the power to merge into walls as a drawing, and can turn people into framed portraits. They can be seen kidnapping numerous young maidens (including Zelda) in this manner much like Agahnim from A Link to the Past.
– Link obtains the Master Sword in much the same manner and location as in A Link to the Past; he is shown in the trailer using the three Pendants to draw the sword from its pedestal in the Lost Woods.
– At one point in the trailer, Link is seen confronting a large shadowy figure with horns who distinctly resembles Ganon.
– We also get a very clear in-game look at the bracelet which allows Link to merge with walls.
– Hilda refers to Link as “your Link” when speaking to Zelda. It is possible this means there is also a Lorule counterpart to Link.

What do you think of this new trailer? What new tidbits did you find in it? Does this make you more excited for the release of A Link Between Worlds next month? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube