Majora’s Mask spotted in A Link Between Worlds footage

Majora's MaskNot very many people noticed this, seeing as most were probably too focused on the all the new things that were revealed about the upcoming game A Link Between Worlds, but Majora’s Mask can be seen in one scene of the footage that was shown today.

In the scene that showcases Ravio’s store, if one looks over at the bottom right corner of the room they’ll see Majora’s Mask just sitting on the wall apparently being used as a decoration piece. Not sure if Ravio knows of its origins or not, but I don’t think I’d have it just sitting around somewhere like that.

Click the link below to see it for yourself!


This is awesome that they put this little easter egg into the game. It makes me wonder and hope that there’s more of these cameos that are scattered throughout it. What do you guys think?

Stay tuned for more Zelda news!

Source: Feri’s Art Blog
Via: GenGAME