The Wind Waker HD treasure charts and heart pieces

008bWe’ve been hard at work the last two weeks upgrading The Wind Waker Walkthrough, but that’s not the only thing that we’ve upgraded. Today we have completed the guides for both The Wind Waker Heart Pieces and The Wind Waker Treasure Charts. As we’ve reported, there have been a few notable changes with The Wind Waker HD, and some of those changes involve the locations of some of the treasure charts and heart pieces. Make the jump to hear about some of these changes.

There are five brand new Treasure Charts in The Wind Waker HD that were previously not in the GameCube version. Four of these charts are not too useful as they will only result in acquiring some extra rupees, which are not as valuable this time around due to the changes in the Triforce Quest. However, the 46th and final Treasure Chart now leads to one of the final pieces of heart in the game. Previously, Link acquired this particular Piece of Heart at the very end of the Salvage Labyrinth. However, the Piece of Heart has been replaced with the Hero’s Charm.

Link previously got the Hero’s Charm as a reward from Mrs. Marie for giving her 40 Joy Pendants. That reward has since been replaced and is now one of the five treasure charts, but not the one that leads to the heart piece. Instead, Treasure Chart #46 leads to the piece of heart and can now be found over at Pawprint Isle. It is located within an underground grotto found on a small island near Pawprint Isle. Link must use the Hookshot onto the tree on the island to reach the elevated island.

It was quite a journey to find the last few Treasure Charts. A special thanks to user LightninZombie for helping out on this.