Skull Kid shows up in TV show

Heroes-of-Cosplay-logo-wide-560x282Growing up with the Legend of Zelda series probably means that your childhood was done right. And many of us wished we could dress up as Link or as Princess Zelda on a daily basis, not just Halloween. We’ve seen a lot of cosplay of those beloved characters, but seldom do we see some of the lesser characters such as Skull Kid. Well, there’s a brand new TV show devoted entirely to cosplay, and just guess who ended showing up?

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Syfy channel’s new show, Heroes of Cosplay, follows the lives of five individuals who love to dress up as their favorite characters. But, this isn’t about them. The opening of the show features many costumes and people, including Skull Kid for a brief second. Yes, Skull Kid made his way onto TV, so congratulations to him. While he is only seen for a brief second, he is wearing Major’s Mask. The show is still new, but I’m confident that at least one of the five participates will cosplay as some Zelda character. I could be wrong, but it would be cool to see Zelda cosplay on real TV.

So fellow Zelda fans, what do you think? Have you ever seen Heroes of Cosplay, and what are your opinions of cosplay altogether? Write your opinions in the comment section below!