Symphony of the Goddesses “Second Quest” Premiere Review

Last Thursday, Mases and I attended the premiere of Season 2 of the Symphony of the Goddesses in Atlanta, GA. While there we met and mingled with a few fellow Zelda fans, saw some awesome cosplay, ran into Chuggaconroy while we were there, got some Street Passes on my Nintendo 3DS and, of course, enjoyed the symphony.

We drove nearly five hours to get to Atlanta and finally arrived there around 5:30 ET. We hung around outside waiting for the doors to open and we talked with a few other Zelda fans while we were doing so. We also happened to run into Chuggaconroy while we were there. At the same time I was checking my 3DS for Street Passes. I ended up getting a bunch of those as well. Most of them came from Georgia and surrounding states, but I even got a few from as states as far as California!

Once they opened the doors about 6:30, we entered into the building. While there we bought ourselves some merchandise they were selling. Afterwards we checked out some of the awesome cosplayers we found entering into the building. Among the cosplay we saw there was one for the Mailman from Majora’s Mask, Saria, Link, Ghirahim, Zora Armor Link, some of the Four Sword Links, Groose, Skyward Sword Link and Zelda and Skull Kid. Some of those were pretty awesome and I personally thought the Skyward Sword cosplay was my favorite out of them all.

Soon it came time for the concert to start so we headed to find our seats and get ready to hear the music that was going to be performed. After we were introduced to the key people that were possible for the symphony being performed: Jaron Moore (Producer), Chad Seiter (Composer) and the Conductor Eimear Noone, it was time to for it to start!

Since it was the first of the “Second Quest” it was going to have some all new songs playing. They opened with a melody of songs from Link’s Awakening which was also special since June 6 (the day of the symphony we attended) was the 20th Anniversary of that same game. They played a melody of Spirit Tracks afterwards followed by Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker before the intermission. An interested note about the Wind Waker performance was that Eimear Noone used an actual “Wind Waker” to conduct it!

Once the intermission was over they played Gerudo Valley, Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past. For the three encores they played Majora’s Mask, Dragon Roost Island and the Ballad of the Goddess in that order. I believe that my favorite out of all the performances was A Link to the Past. (I also think Mases would agree with that!)

I think it was an awesome performance and I greatly enjoyed attending the Symphony. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to go to one since I live in an area where it probably wouldn’t happen. But it looks like I did get to go and I’m forever grateful that I did! This was Mases’ third symphony he had attended but he still felt that this one was just as good, if not better that the previous ones he had went to.

Once everything was said and done, we headed back home and didn’t get there until early the next day, but it was a worthwhile experience that we would gladly do again!

For more pictures that we took at the Second Quest premiere please go to our Facebook page and take a look! The album is located here!