Hyrule Castle on the reality market

Ever wanted to live in Hyrule Castle? Of course you have, who are you kidding? Well, ever wonder what its property value is? No? Well you can probably be forgiven for that. Not many would think of something like that, but Natalie Grigson of the real estate blog Movoto did. Jump over the moat and crawl through the delivery area to see what they had to say about Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time!

The post began with an amusing infographic that we were able to embed below, and was followed by an article that outlined the process used to determine the conclusion of the infographic.

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Particularly amusing is the revelation that Hyrule is supposedly fifteenth century Tuscany. Why do I get the feeling that explains a lot?

One thing that I’ve never understood however is why people use video game characters to determine the scale of the locations they’re in. I’m not sure that that’s the priority in the minds of the designers and developers. Grigson’s method of determining the soldier’s width is solid enough, but how on earth would she determine that 120 of him would take up one wall?

Anyway, you can read the article for yourself at the link below. So what about it? Who wants to start a castle fund?

Source: Movoto