Did You Know Gaming – Majora’s Mask Training

Did You Know Gaming has been on something of a Zelda roll lately! The site that uncovers obscure video game factoids and other trivia just unveiled a new discovery about Majora’s Mask regarding the special upgrades Link can receive. A new picture from their Twitter page tells all! Jump from a Deku Flower to learn more.

As seen below, it looks like Link originally learned the moves he learned in Majora’s Mask in a more traditional way. Link learns new moves by collecting Stray Fairies in the game’s dungeons and returning them to a nearby Great Fairy Fountain, where the Great Fairy is reassembled and then teaches Link a new move as a reward. While in the final game, Link simply received the upgrade magically (and by holding his hands out just like any other item he received), this photo suggests that the Great Fairies were actually supposed to show Link how to do the moves they unlocked for him.

So what do you make of this revelation? Is the original way more interesting? Or did Nintendo do the right thing by sticking with what’s worked in the past? Debate in the comments! Go!

Source: Twitter