Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Poe Collector

Welcome to another edition of Zelda Fanart Spotlight. Today we are looking at a digital illustration from brazilian artist KlausBoss. Poe Collector features a very striking moment in Ocarina of Time when you enter what use to be the Guard House. During those seven years the Hero of Time was sealed away, it had been refurbished into the Ghost Shop. With no guards in sight, a strange fellow whose face you cannot see now occupies the building. While he might look like a squatter at first glance with his unflattering disposition, he is surrounded by captured poe spirits. The artist has done a brilliant job of making them look as wispy as they do in-game, while making their colors stand out in the more dim light of the ghost shop.

There is so much art of Link, Zelda, and supporting cast, but it’s always a treat when an artist portrays characters such a minor character like this and helps breathe life into them using only what little we know about them. Even the small details in his surrounding such as the empty bottles scattered on the floor, and the dilapidated condition of his surroundings captures the dreary conditions Hyrule are under in the later part of Ocarina of Time.

KlausBoss has more Zelda art as well as work from several other fandoms on his DeviantART which you can find by clicking here. Leave us your thoughts on today’s Fanart Spotlight below.