“Zelda Can Learn a Thing or Two From Pandora’s Tower”


Pandora’s Tower is an action RPG platformer from publisher Xseed Games, and an article arose over at NintendoEnthusiast which shows a nice comparison between it and The Legend of Zelda. Titled, “Zelda Can Learn A Thing or Two From Pandora’s Tower”, it contains some very interesting points. More after the jump!

The article covered everything from incorporating a little bit of platforming into Zelda, introducing a new “flow”, and constructing some more unique dungeon ideas.

I haven’t played Pandora’s Tower myself yet, but I have heard favorable things about it from fellow Zelda fans. This editorial shows pictures from Pandora’s Tower, and explains certain reasons why it is significantly better in some areas than Zelda is as of now. The information contained within this article is quite entertaining to read, and it makes some very good points that are pretty easy to agree with the author on. Now I tend to think that the Zelda series can always change a little bit for the better, without getting rid of it’s core elements of course. So tell me in the comments, would you like to see any changes to the Zelda series over the next few games, or do you like it just the way it is?

If you want to check the article out, head on over to NintendoEnthusiast.


Source: NintendoEnthusiast