Triforce Claddagh rings

Every Zelda fan has got to own something from the series, something that reminds you every time you look at it “That’s why I love Zelda.” For me it’s my Hyrule Historia. Flipping through it reminds me why I enjoy the games so much. Now if your a Zelda fan and you don’t own any piece of merchandise then there’s a cheap affordable start to the collection: Triforce Claddagh Rings. If you want to learn more about these hit the jump.

These rings come in a numerous variety of colors and material, scaling from $12 all the way up to $85. Now there’s really no need to go to the extreme of having premium silver. If this is the first item in your collection I would start off simple. But as I stated above they come in a large variety, some flexible while others are polished.

Above you can see the stainless steel version of the ring. As some of you may know the Claddagh ring came out of the Irish town of Claddagh in the 17th century. They were meant to represent love, friendship, and loyalty. Now of course they didn’t possess the Triforce on them back then they did possess the two hands that you can see holding the Triforce up. So really this ring can represent friendship, love, and loyalty. Three qualities which radiate throughout the Zelda series.

So if you love someone who loves Zelda, want to show friendship to another person, or want to begin a collection for yourself then this is a great buy. And you can get yours here or click the source line below. As always leave a comment down below to let me know what you think of these rings and would you buy one yourself?

Source: Shapeways