The Wind Waker Wii U release date leaked?

Unoffical box artAccording to the European website The Hut, The Wind Waker Wii U is set to be released on October 15th.

Although the game is expected to be released in the Autumn, the retailer has it coming out much sooner than expected.

This listing seems a bit unlikely for several reasons. Jump inside to find out why we think this is just another case of a retailer jumping the gun.

Retailers have a history of just making up dates and listing them for as-yet-unannounced release dates. Sometimes for games that haven’t even been announced to exist. Just last week a European retailer listed Majora’s Mask 3D… which has not been announced by Nintendo at all. The Hut seems to be taking a wild stab in the dark with October 15th, which doesn’t even correspond with usual release day (Friday) for games in the territory the site caters to.

Also, taking a look at the box art… as nice and professional as it looks, it has been identified as fan-made, appearing on the site Video Game Box Art, where fans submit their homemade box art designs.

So we’re strongly leaning towards “not legit.” But what do you think? Could retailers have started getting release dates for the game already? Should we be looking for The Wind Waker Wii U as early as October 15? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: The Hut