Stunning Skyward Sword Beamos cake

Zelda Dungeon has featured the works of artisan baker Cakecrumbs a few times before, most recently as a part of the deviantART collaboration project Link’s Blacklist, where she contributed a very impressive and accurate replica of the Furnix enemy from Skyward Sword, made entirely from cake. Food enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Cakecrumbs has returned to Zelda to make another incredible edible creation; this time the focus being a Beamos from Skyward Sword. Hit the jump to find out more!

The level of detail and the faithfulness to the original in-game model is truly staggering, even more so when one considers the difficulty of sculpting and working with fondant icing; an incredibly tricky material to work with. Zelda-themed cakes aren’t necessarily unheard of in the fan community, but few are as impressive as Cakecrumb’s creations. The Beamos cake below took an estimated 50-60 hours to make, measures just over 40cm tall and according to Cakecrumbs, was “exhaustive” to make.

One can easily see the amount of effort put into making it as accurate as possible to the in-game model. Cakecrumbs describes on her blog the difficulty of replicating the electrical look of the Beamos, and how she utilised colored powder to create the distinctive blue horizontal sections.

“The biggest pressure point for me was trying to imitate the electrical look. See, the blue part is all zappy and glowy and pretty looking, which is hard to imitate in fondant. It’s also a significant part of the enemy, as it is here you are required to horizontally slash it with your sword to defeat it. I attempted to represent it by using a gradation of colour. I used powdered colouring and lustre dust and dry brushed it to make look brighter in the centre. It doesn’t look like electricity but it was about as close as I could get using food.”

I don’t know what it is about the combination of Zelda and food, but there’s something about the marriage of my favourite video game series and cake which makes me think that this is a niche within the fandom which has been covered nowhere near enough as it should be. I certainly know that when I get round to playing Skyward Sword again and encounter Beamos, my mind will drift back to this cake and undoubtedly make me a little more hungrier than I was before I turned on the game.

You can see more of Cakecrumb’s creations on her deviantART and on her blog.

But what do you think? Do you think this Beamos cake really is representative of the in-game model? Is Zelda and cake a combination which should be explored more often? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: deviantART