More GameXplain Analysis for Zelda 3DS

GameXPlain has a new analysis video for Zelda 3DS, this time featuring secrets and other hidden details, according to the title, but in reality focusing more on location. As we already reported, this video points out the 20 item slots on the bottom screen, and also makes mention of differences in the mechanics of the bow and Buzz Blob enemies. But the bulk of the video highlights the similarities and differences between the area of A Link to the Past’s overworld that is portrayed and their theory on where the dungeon shown is. Hit the jump to see!

While they weren’t shy about admitting it, but I feel I should point out: I think they’re looking a little too deeply into certain things, especially about the tree outside the lumberjacks’ house and the Buzz Blobs. Or maybe they’re completely right and I’m not looking deeply enough into it! Who knows?

What do you think of these theories? Do they make sense, or do they not hold water? Comment away!

Source: YouTube