Monday Comic Corner – Smashing Pumpkins

Nintendo and their love for mini-games, especially in the Zelda series. There have been mini-games in the franchise since the original Legend of Zelda, if you can call gamboling with a moblin in a cave a mini-game. But as the series has progressed, these small games have become more interesting and in some ways more difficult. But they all seem to share a theme of being absolutely ridiculous. Hit the jump to read this week’s comic from Corpse Run Comics!

I love the way Alex from Corpse Run Comics characterizes the Zelda NPCs. The series hasn’t exactly given much identity to the characters, so I always find the outrageous personalities Alex gives them in the comics hilarious.

Also, the way Link is so humanized in the comics is fantastic. As controllers of a virtual world, we’ve trained ourselves to not even consider the strangeness of some situations, but why would someone try to carry five pumpkins at once? Especially after dropping them so many times trying to move them! In the real world, nobody would try the task over and over, destroying pumpkin after pumpkin in the process. But in video games, this makes sense.

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Source: Corpse Run Comics