Majora’s Memes – Never Tell Me The Odds!

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. We have a somewhat shorter post this week. It’s finals week, and thus I’m running on about three hours of sleep. We have a few user contributed memes as usual, as well as some from Memebase and Memecenter that embrace the recent slew of Zelda announcements.

The meme that gives this post its title is actually represented twice. Last week Merv? posted a meme that he got from Reddit. While I found it funny, I felt I didn’t have room for it. But this week since it’s more low key, I’d like to thank Merv? for sending it my way, as well as to JucieJ who provided the variation below it.

I do have to admit, I never really thought of C-3PO before this, but I’m going to have trouble unseeing.

Our next post (and final user contribution) comes from Bob, who gives us an edition of a longstanding favorite.

Our sole Memecenter repost this week comes from coopahhh and captures the emotions some of us feel about this perfectly.

The announcement of Zelda 3DS has prompted a few memes already, although not nearly as many as there have been in the past. This first one comes from an anonymous Memebase user.

The next one was posted by Clucknadus summing up Nintendo’s recent decision as the most friendly of Rage Faces.

I’m not much for cooking shows, especially the hyper-dramatic ones like Hell’s Kitchen. But I find it amusing that it’s only just now become a meme, and that Zelda fans are already taking to it. Thanks to CatFeeded of Memebase for posting this one!

That wraps it up for this week’s edition of Majora’s Memes. If you’re in shoes like mine, I wish you the best. May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce!

Source: Memebase , Memecenter