It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: The Movie

A few of you might remember a certain 3.14 second trailer that was released pertaining to the upcoming documentary “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone… The Movie.”  Well, as most of you know by now, that trailer was only available for a limited time, so Zelda Dungeon wasn’t able to make a post on it.  Fortunately, the makers of the video game documentary recently released a new, full-length trailer for the movie as well as an extremely awesome webpage that allows you to play a great recreation of the original Zelda game to unlock all of the content on the site.  Sound a little odd?  Well…it kinda is, but seeing how this movie is based on the nostalgia factor from the fist Zelda game (or that’s what I think anyways), I can see why they would add that.

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So, looks pretty cool, huh?  It seems like it has the potential to be at least as good as “Indie Game: The Movie,” which was another amazing video game documentary that I highly recommend you check out.  From what I can get out of the trailer, the film will be involved with The Symphony Of The Goddess, Chris Veal the 8-bit artist who makes great Zelda artwork, Joel and Hannah who were majorly involved with” The Hero of Time” movie, and some cool-looking Zelda cosplay from the folks over at Tiki Crafts.  Overall, I’m very exited for this new Zelda movie, and I’ll be sure to watch it when the full film is released.  If you would like to play the fun Zelda-based game and see some more content on the website, just click here.

So what did you guys think of the trailer?  Are you exited for the new Zelda movie?  Are you not exited about the new Zelda movie?  Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

Source:  It’s Dangerous To Go Alone… The Movie