DYKG: There was meant to be a third Oracle game

Recently Did You Know Gaming released an image showcasing a fact about a part of the Legend of Zelda series which many of us were already aware. However, with the Oracle games release on eShop getting an official release date in the US, the fact is relevant and good to point out to those who were not already aware: there was actually suppose to be a third Oracle game in the Zelda series. It was meant to form a trilogy of sorts that completed the story where Ganon rose again. The games were originally meant to focus on each piece of the Triforce, but of course were changed to simplify maters before release.

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The way the games were supposed to work was that each was going to focus on the different aspects of the Triforce. One game on action which would be equal to power, having you fight more and things would be more action based. Another focusing on puzzle solving which would equal wisdom. The gameplay of the courage chapter and what it would focus on was never released. Each game was to have a theme. Power would focus on the seasons and interchanging between them. Wisdom was to focus on time and moving between night and day. While courage would use the theme of color, meaning that certain events and items would center around color. Finally each was to have an Oracle which the games story was meant to focus around, each playing a role. These characters were to be named after the Goddesses of Hyrule. Din for power, Nayru for wisdom, and the forgotten Farore for courage.

Later during development the three were given official titles. “Mystical Seed of Power”, “Mystical Seed of Wisdom”, and “Mystical Seed of Courage”. In the year 2000 it was realized that the three games proved to be too much for the limitations of the handheld at the time and the limitations of the password system used within the games. So the developers cut it back to just two games and changed their story lines to go with the two games. “Mystical Seed of Wisdom” became Oracle of Ages, while “Mystical Seed of Power” became Oracle of Seasons. “Mystical Seed of Courage” was eliminated.

Very little is known about the original plot, gameplay, or how far development had gotten in “Mystical Seed of Courage”.

The only thing I can think of that can be seen within the games now is the three flames that Twinrova is trying to ignite in the linked true ending to the game. Perhaps this ending was planned from the beginning and the third flame was going to ignite in the third Oracle game. Perhaps Twinrova igniting the third flame themselves was a cop out and excuse for the missing third game. Although it is only speculation it makes sense to me. But what do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Do you think the game should have been released? If it was a possibility today would you like to see a release of the third game? Leave a comment!

Source: Did You Know Gaming