A Link to the Past heading over to the UK Wii U Virtual Console!

Nintendo couldn’t have timed it better had they tried… which they likely did! Holding off on releasing A Link to the Past on the Wii U’s Virtual Console until after announcing the sequel coming out for the 3DS seems like brilliant and intenional martketing to us!

If you live in the UK and have been waiting to play A Link to the Past until its inevitable release on the Wii U Virtual Console, first of all: why?! But second of all: your wait is over because it’s heading over there soon.

Just how soon? Jump inside for the details!

Less than two weeks ago Nintendo announced what many are calling “A Link to the Past 2”–but which we here at ZD are calling “Zelda 3DS” until an actual title is revealed. It seems only fitting that now people will get a chance to play the original game on their Wii U before the sequel arrives.

While this hasn’t been actually announced by Nintendo in so many words, Nintendo UK released a “Wii U Virtual Console Launch Trailer” showcasing all of the games available at launch, and then at the end a message saying: “There are many more yet to come” showing images of many more games, A Link to the Past being one of them. You can see for yourself in the video below at the 1:35 mark.

So when exactly will A Link to the Past be out on the Wii U Virtual Console? There’s no way to know, but you can count on it being at some point before Zelda 3DS. And while other territories haven’t yet posted similar trailers, you can bet that they will have A Link to the Past out before the sequel as well.

Are you one of those rare people who have yet to play A Link to the Past? Are you excited to soon be playing it on your Wii U Virtual Console? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo UK