Zelda in Real Life by Smosh

It has always been an entertaining distraction to think about what video games would be like in real life. With all the absurdities and exaggerations that our games bring to us daily, the thought those applied to our daily reality is interesting to say the least.

In another of their famously over-the-top videos, comedy group Smosh has brought us their own take on this concept as it pertains to the Zelda series. Click the jump to see all their goofy antics, but be warned – the video has a lot of cursing so if you’re not a fan of that sort of thing be careful.

Well, that was entertaining. I enjoyed all the ways they managed to kill off the Old Man (despite it never actually working) and the contrasts between things in Link’s world and things in our world are… interesting. Honestly, with the experiences he had here, I probably would have lasted about the same amount of time.

How did you like the video? Did you enjoy all the goofy references? How about the narrator and the old man? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube