Zelda Fanart Spotlight: Picnic With Jabu-Jabu

Hello and welcome to another edition the Zelda Fanart Spotlight. Today we are looking at a unique piece of fanart from New Zealand artist Isobel. This feel-good piece features young Link from Ocarina of time having a picnic with Princess Ruto. Her friend, who also happens to be the Zora’s deity, is happily enjoying the twos company.

The symmetry that Jabu-Jabu creates makes the composition very striking. The attention to detail on objects like his head ornament is also impressive, but no individual element of the picture is overwhelming. The dynamic light and shadow used to shade pulls many different colors from the rest of the piece, such as the bright teal and the peach-like color on his crown.

Dwarfed by the fish deity, both Link and Ruto enjoy a fish sandwich in the foreground. The two are much more stylized than Jabu-Jabu, which helps accentuate their youth and innocence. The background is minimalist but effective, with only a few lines suggesting the cliffs that protect Jabu-Jabu shrouded in mist behind them.

She has a lot more Zelda fan work, as well as some impressive projects she’s working on, so make sure to check out the rest of Isobel’s work on her DeviantART. Don’t forget to leave us your thought on today’s Zelda Fanart Spotlight below!