Vintage Chateau Romani Recipe

After saving the cows of Romani Ranch from “Them” and protecting the special milk from hooded bandits in Majora’s Mask, one cannot help but imagine what the exclusive members only Chateau Romani milk would taste like. Sweet for certain, rich and creamy but with a kick that could last for 3-days. Thanks once again to The Geeky Chef, Zelda fans everywhere can now taste the most desirable of all forbidden milk in real life.

The Geeky Chef’s mission statement is to be a one-stop place for quality recipes based on fictional food. She starts off the recipe by sharing that Zelda is her all time favorite video game series! This time when you fill your bottle with this precious milk it will not cost 200 rupees to replenish all of your hearts and magic power.

Click on the jump to see the yummy list of ingredients, one of which is French Vanilla Ice Cream…

The Geeky Chef sees Majora’s Mask as the most underrated game of the Zelda franchise and tells us about moments that were special to her. Readers get a mini review of the game as she describes her inspiration to create this vintage concoction. Although Cremia urged her little sister Romani to wait until she is an adult to have her milk mustache, this recipe makes the drink for all ages. If you are under the drinking age for your area, simply do not include the Bailey’s Irish Cream. Otherwise, add the Baileys according to your taste and have at home the same experience that you had drinking at the Milk Bar, Latte.


1 or 2 smallish scoops French vanilla ice cream
1 c. milk
1/4 c. soda water
2 shots of Baileys Irish Cream (optional or substitute non-alcoholic Irish Cream)
Cinnamon (optional)
Nutmeg (optional)

Click the source link below to obtain the full recipe with directions and to see what other delicious versions fans came up with. Make sure you also check out her website which features tons of recipes dedicated to geekery. Why don’t you give this recipe a try and tell us what you think? Leave your stories in the comments below.

Source: The Geeky Chef