Twilight Princess Hylian Shield Cake

Not everyone wants their mum to make a birthday cake for their “special day,” unless of course your mum’s baking skills match the legendary craftsmanship wielded by the ancient Hylian blacksmiths! Few of us can say that they have ever gazed upon such a glorious Zelda tribute in edible form as this 18-year old’s shining birthday cake. The cake is a stunning replica of the Hylian shield design debuted in Twilight Princess.

The metallic sheen on the cake was produced by an edible glaze, which gives the cake the durable appearance of the metal shield from the game. Notice the flawless detail of the Hylian Crest placed perfectly below the golden Triforce, all the fine touches that really… put the icing on the cake.

Riorus, a UK user on Reddit claims that his mother is not a professional cake smith but has been forging him and his sister special cakes, like this one, all of their lives. This is clearly a cake worthy of a knight whose ancestors lived amongst the gods! If you had this cake would you eat it or preserve it through the ages? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit