Tingle was supposed to be Majora’s Mask exclusive

GlitterBerri, a website dedicated to translating text from video games and such, has recently posted a translation of part of the guidebook from the Japan exclusive Zelda Box, released back in 2002. The translated portions are pages 34 and 35 of the book, which contains quotes from Eiji Aonuma, Mitsuhiko Takano, and Yoshiki Haruhana about the development of the characters Tingle, Zephos, and Cyclos in The Wind Waker.

They also explain that Tingle was only supposed to have ever appeared in Majora’s Mask. Jump inside to find out more!

The developers go into detail about the reasoning of the characters creation, and how they were implemented into the game world, Takano talks about the creation of Tingle in Majoras Mask, saying that he wanted to make a minigame that could “somehow incorporate balloons”, and that he ended up creating many aspects of his personality such as his “tone of voice” and describes him saying:

“His appearance was rather …unique, so I figured he should have an strange personality to match. [Laughs] The image that came to mind was an otaku-type guy who went on and on and never stopped talking, but also someone who had a really pure heart, considering how naive he was. For some reason, players grew to like this oddball, which is why he was a top pick for inclusion in The Wind Waker.”

Despite this, Aonuma points out he was never originally planned to be in any game outside of Majoras Mask.

Aonuma give details about the influences behind Zephos, and Cyclos, saying:

“These two are modeled after the god of wind and the god of thunder. The theme of The Wind Waker is wind, so we borrowed their Japanese names, Fuuchin and Raichin, from the gods that govern the weather.”

He also talks about how sketches of frogs lying around their office is what gave them the idea for the characters designs.

Being one of my favorite Zelda games, I find being able to learn more about the creation of these memorable characters in The Wind Waker extremely fascinating. There were so many details that obviously had a lot of thought put into them, and have helped craft a very unique world. To see the developers complete discussion hit the source button below!

What do you think about these developer commentaries? Very interesting and cool? Or small details that don’t really interest you? Give your thoughts in the comments!

Source: GlitterBerri