Miyamoto assures Zelda U will come, but will take time

As reported by GenGAME, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of The Legend of Zelda franchise, was recently interviewed by Time Magazine in which he discussed The reasons why there has been a lack of quality software for Wii U, including why there has not been much information on Zelda Wii U, or a firm release date on it. When questioned on why there were few games at the launch of the Wii U that starred Flagship Nintendo characters he answered with the following.

“If you look back at the launch of Wii, we were able to prepare a game like Wii Sports, which at the time was clearly a new game, and launch that alongside a Zelda game. With the Wii U, we took a similar approach by launching Nintendo Land as well as a Mario game — though we’re working on Zelda for Wii U, that’s going to take us a little big longer.” He goes on to say that the the development process for the Wii U is much more complex and demands far more resources than that of the Wii due to the new hardware, and that there is a great amount they still have to learn so that they can utilize the full potential of the system to make the best experience possible.

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Throughout the rest of the interview he gives other reasons as to why quality games coming directly from Nintendo are taking so long and more or less gives the same example, processing, making what they envision and players will enjoy, etc. The Wii U is a great leap in hardware for Nintendo, so it will obviously take some getting used to for them, considering they are working with things they have not worked with before such as developing content in High-Definition, working with multiple processing threads, and most importantly, having to utilize a second screen.

It is no surprise that a new Zelda title will take a bit more time. Also, if you don’t count Twilight Princess on Wii (which was essentially just a port with motion control added), Skyward Sword took 5 years before it was released. While we may possibly see a reveal at E3 this year, we don’t know what such a reveal would entail. It could be anything from just some screenshots, maybe a trailer, or even possibly some gameplay. Nintendo has many new things they have had to learn with the Wii U for it to be successful, and time is something they need, but don’t entirely have.

What do you think? Nintendo needs to hurry up? Or they can have all the time they need so long as they deliver the best possible product? Sound off in the comments below!

Sources: GenGAME via Time