Majora’s Memes – Philosoraptor

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. This week our user contributed posts come from Linkisawesome, ShadowBeast, and Max. As always, we appreciate being passed stuff, but something to keep in mind is that a comic is not a meme. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to do less comics unless they incorporate a Legend of Zelda meme in them. ALso, I apologize again for the lateness of the article. I don’t have any excuses this time, I just forgot. Hopefully it won’t happen next week! But enough of that, let’s kick this week off!

Here’s our first post from Linkisawesome, who got it from Memebase. I’ve always been fond of Philosoraptor, but it’s not too often you don’t see one making a Zelda joke.

And a second one (also from Memebase)!

Now one from ShadowBeast. This is a case in point for what I was talking about. The comic ends with a meme, so it’s good.

And finally, our post from Max, who was inspired by the Spongebob joke from before.

And now here’s one from CobaltGemini on deviantART that was posted anonymously to Memebase.

For our final post of the week, we have another sidekick joke.

That concludes this week of Majora’s Memes! Again, really sorry about the post being late again, but here’s hoping that next week, I’ll be 100% back into the groove! As always, leave your comments, memes, and rupees!

Source: Memebase , deviantART , BananaMuffinMan