Hyrule Historia discounted on Amazon

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia has been a worthy wait for fans drooling over the thought of an English translation for the beautiful art book. Nintendo and Dark Horse produced the publication and released it in January to widespread acclaim as it hit number one on Amazon’s top 100 bestsellers list. Though so many gamers and avid fans purchased Hyrule Historia, there are still others who are still waiting for the right time to hit so they may lay hands on this glorious history of Hyrule.

If you still happen to be sitting on a fence contemplating on whether to pick up Hyrule Historia then Amazon may have a deal to hook you into letting go of your cash! The online retailer currently has the Zelda book discounted for a reasonable price so now’s the time to act. Click the jump and read about the details regarding this discount for Hyrule Historia!

Originally listing the book for US$34.99, Amazon has decided to give a large discount and reduce that price by 45% making Hyrule Historia at the all-time low cost of US$19.24. The book features a beautiful emerald hardcover featuring the Gate of Time and includes artwork from the Zelda series, Nintendo’s asked-for timeline putting each Zelda game where they should be in chronological order, and a special comic detailing events revolving around the Skyward Sword age.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of  Hyrule Historia then click the link to head over to Amazon and place your order! If you’re still unsure about the publication then you could always read the Zelda Dungeon staff’s comments via this link on what they think of this hallowed memorabilia. In my opinion, it is well worth every dollar needed to own Hyrule Historia!

Has Amazon convinced you to purchase a copy of Hyrule Historia? Do you think the price offered is worth it? What would you recommend the most about Hyrule Historia? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Amazon (via MyNintendoNews)