GenGAME: 5 Elements Wii U Should Borrow from Ocarina of Time

Many people consider Ocarina of Time to be not only the best game of the Zelda franchise, but also the best game of all time! With the announcement of a new Zelda game to be released on the Wii U comes high expectations and pressure to find out which direction Nintendo plans to go next. GenGAME writer, Alex Plant, goes into greater detail about features from the Zelda franchise that belong in the new Wii U title by covering games individually in an ongoing series.

In this article he writes how some of those expectations can be met by exploring strengths held sacred in Ocarina of Time, beginning with how the game possesses a triforce of these three essential elements making a near-flawless balance: Gameplay, Content and Story.

The article mentions five things Nintendo should continue from Ocarina of Time into the next generation so that the upcoming game will still have the potential to match the successful Zelda formulas of the past. These include: touch screen usage, optional horse travel, open world of possibilities, expansion of the Hyrule legend and lastly, his main point, ‘A Game Focused Not on Doing Things Differently, But Being the Best That Zelda Can Be.’

Indeed Ocarina of Time 3D has excellent usage of the touch screen, offering a set of game play improvements that should be mirrored if not expanded upon for the Wii U interface. Alex points out that in Ocarina of Time having Epona, although convenient, was optional making her more special. He also shares with us moments that widened our perception of what games could be, such as the first moment you walk out onto Hyrule Field or the need to explore darkened lands when you awaken seven years later to an unfamiliarly familiar world. Read the full article by clicking the source link below and stay tuned on GenGAME for more of Alex’s articles focused on finding the best features of the Zelda series that he thinks should make the cut.

Alex, points out that the best direction for the series to take is the path both tried and true. With over 25 years of historia, this new Wii U title certainly has the opportunity to be “the best that Zelda can be!” Although doing something different with a Zelda game should be approached cautiously, I look forward to the future of Zelda and cannot wait to see what unpredictable innovations will be added to the core elements of game play and story that have brought our Hero of Time to life, time and time again. Eiji Aonuma has his work cut out for him, what would you like Nintendo to keep about Ocarina of Time and what do you think should be done differently? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: GenGAME