Fire and Ice Arrows necklaces and keychains

You probably won’t have to fire an arrow into the sun, or complete a training ground obstacle course, or meet up with Zelda to get your hands on these awesome necklaces and keychains decorated with fire, ice, and light arrows. Hit the jump to find out how you can!

ExplodedSoda brought these neat little accessories to our attention, made by MatchaNest and available on Etsy. The Etsy site also showcases other Zelda-related apparel such as Heart Container necklaces and Majora’s Mask mask magnets in addition to other items based on the Mario and Animal Crossing series. As for the arrow necklaces/keychains, you can get them for $12 at the Etsy link below.

So level with us, do you want these? Leave a comment and let us know what sort of Zelda-apparel you want to get your hands on!

Source: ExplodedSoda via Etsy