Even more A Link to the Past enemy artwork by Alex Megacaveman

About two weeks back we reported on six additional art pieces from Alex Megacaveman. Today we have the latest batch of artwork and it is six more A Link to the Past enemy pieces. All of this artwork is part of the artwork competition that we started a few months back in hopes of creating fan artwork for every single enemy in the game. In the 3+ months since we started this project, we have accumulated 128 pieces of artwork and you can see all of the images over at our Facebook Gallery.

If you’d like to send in your own artwork to be published at Zelda Dungeon, it’s quite easy. Simply pick an enemy from the A Link to the Past Enemy Gallery, create a piece of Fan Artwork, and send it in to me at mases26@gmail.com. For now, you can go ahead and make the jump to see Megacaveman’s six latest art pieces.

Freezor by Alex MegaCave Man

Bari by Alex MegaCave Man

Tarosu by Alex MegaCave Man

Goriya by Alex MegaCave Man

Tendoru by Alex MegaCave Man

Terrorpin by Alex MegaCave Man

Be sure to check out the Facebook Gallery to see all of our submissions. If you’d like to submit some enemy fan artwork of your own, we’d be more than happy to publish it.