Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Impa

Welcome to another Fanart Spotlight. Todays featured work is a digital painting titled Impa by DeviantART member VegasColors.

This piece caught my eye with it’s masterfully selected color palette, as well as it’s use of light. The image overall has a soft feel, the bright glow of the Gate of Time as well as the sunlight creeping into the Temple of Time and flooding the scene. It creates a stark contrasts against Impa’s stoic stance really reflects the characters demeanor in the game as a proud and skilled Sheikah. However, her subtle expression adds another layer of depth to this picture, as she glares over with an almost mournful expression at the viewer.

The colors as I mentioned earlier create a very warm feeling to the image. The light drowns the bright colors of the Sheikahs outfit out almost making the painting look like it was done in sepia tones. The artist also uses a very subtle amount of texture helping create more visual interest especially near the bottom of the composition.

Make sure to check out VegasColors entire gallery on DeviantART. He has a wonderful gallery full of work similar in style to this one, as well as some really cool pixel art and 3D work. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts on today’s Fanart Spotlight in the comments below!