Zelda Fanart Spotlight – Daydream of the Windfish

Today’s Zelda Fanart Spotlight is on deviantART artist MiloNeuman‘s Link’s Awakening fanart, “Daydream of the Windfish“. This fanart shows Marin lying on the beach sleeping. In the background it shows a great portion of the island of Koholint which includes the palms trees lining the beach, a forest, and a tall mountain that holds the Windfish’s egg at the very top of it.

It would be nice to live in a place like this. Too bad though that it’s only just a dream…

I love the atmosphere that is shown in this picture. It makes me look forward to summer and what it tends to bring with it warm weather and possible trips to the beach! And as far as the art goes I also love the shadowing that can be seen. It lets one know that the sun is beating down onto the island and that is very hot. Coupled with the breeze that is blowing, it’ll make for a nice nap.

The artist has other artworks located in their gallery. Please go give it a look and let them know what you thought of this piece. Also please let us know in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for the next Fanart Spotlight! Until then!