Zelda “Ear Bend” Jewelry on Etsy

Etsy is an website that hosts many online “stores” for people to exhibit their own products. Each item usually handcrafted by the seller and every product ranges in price, appearance, fits and sizes so you should have no trouble finding a product that will suit you just right. You can find some stunning and unique pieces on Etsy such as some beautiful pieces of Zelda jewelry like this recent creation.

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This new Etsy creation is a Zelda themed ear band that comes in gold and silver. This piece of jewelry features the three Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time on a small chain hanging across the ear band, each with the appropriate colored stone as well as the Triforce hanging from the bottom of the band. This piece of jewelry works by placing the band behind you ear, leaving the chain and Spiritual Stones hanging across your ear with the Triforce hanging below. It’s like wearing an earring but more decorative. Another bonus, you don’t have to have your ear pierced to wear this beautiful piece of Zelda themed jewelry.

If you’d like to buy one of these or just take a better look at them, be sure to visit the creator’s Etsy shop here.

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Source: Etsy