The Minish Cap Guide Complete!

Back in early 2012, I started to rebuild The Minish Cap Walkthrough that we have here at the website. This was shortly after the game was released as part of the Ambassador Program on the Nintendo 3DS. I thought that it was inevitable that it would eventually become available to the public for the 3DS. Well, over a year has passed and we are still waiting! In last months Nintendo Direct it was announced that Game Boy Advance games would eventually be released on the Nintendo Wii U e-Shop.

Nevertheless, the final chapter of the Minish Cap guide has since been completed, with this one covering Dark Hyrule Castle. The complete guide is now a 100% guide getting every heart piece, upgrade, and every optional item found along the way. It is filled with over 850 screenshots, helping to guide you along the way. While the guide itself is done, it isn’t exactly complete in that we will still be making improvements. We’ll eventually fancy up the side bars with additional side content, information, trivia, artwork, and game maps. Until then, this should do the trick as one of the best online guides for The Minish Cap.