SuperShigi’s “Fi Theme” vocal/piano cover

A couple weeks ago we told you about video game composer SuperShigi–known for her work on Plants vs. Zombies–having recorded a gorgeous vocal rendition of “Ballad of the Goddess” employing many vocal harmonies and melodies all weaving together.

Well, she’s back at it again! And this Skyward Sword song cover is even better, in my opinion. This time SuperShigi covers “Fi’s Theme”, again recording many lovely vocal harmonies, piano, and even an ocarina.

Jump inside to watch the awesome video!

Once again, the way she arranges the vocal harmonies reminds me so strongly of the music of Enya–a musician known for layering many, many vocal harmonies on top of each other–espeicially the beginning section where she’s singing the background staccato “heh heh heh heh” bit, which is something that Enya not only does, but also pioneered, if I’m not mistaken.

What did you think of the arrangement? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube