Stunning Zora Sapphire Engagement Ring

Miranda Scott, a shop owner on Etsy, has placed for sale a stunning sapphire engagement ring inspired by the “Zora’s Sapphire” from Ocarina of Time. It comes in pure 14 karat gold, either yellow or white, and would be the perfect ring for those planning to ask their loved one to join them in an everlasting bond of holy matrimony. Coming in plenty of sizes to choose from, this is the gift for your partner if you don’t mind the cost involved.

You can take a closer look at this amazing Zora sapphire engagement plus further details after the jump!

Here is the statement which the shop owner has given about this Zora-inspired sapphire ring:

Inspired by the ‘Zora Sapphire’ from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

“Three 3mm lab-created blue sapphires set in an elegant, slender band handmade in buttery 14k yellow gold (white is also an option). Perfectly suitable both as an everyday ring, and as an engagement ring for that special someone. The width of the band is 2mm, and has been high polished for a brilliant shine.

“I always recommend gold over silver if the ring is intended to be an engagement ring, and worn everyday. This is because gold is much more durable than silver, and the ring shank is less prone to bending out of shape.

“Please select your size from the drop-down menu on the right hand side. I will not make this item without a size.

“All rings are shipped expedited with tracking and $100 insurance. Please contact me beforehand if you would like to ensure the entire value of the ring.

“Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

This Zora sapphire engagement ring comes at a reasonably fair price of just over US$1000 including shipping if you live in North America and ships from Canada. I love the way the ring has been included with 14 karat pure gold and the beautiful design of the “Zora’s Sapphire” from Ocarina of Time. This is the perfect ring for any girl in love with the Zelda series!

What do you think of this Zora sapphire engagement ring? Would you purchase it for your fiancee? Do you like the design, the pricing, or neither?

Source: Etsy