Server Troubles: Website Loading Slugglishly

Update #2: We are fully back online! Both the Forums and the Wiki are now back online and nothing was lost. The main culprit here was a hardware failure with part of the server. We got that replaced and after restoring some settings during troubleshooting, everything is back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

Update: The site and guides are now running at full capacity… for now. We are working on restoring the Forums and Wiki. Hopefully should be fixed shortly.

Hey guys, we are aware of the troubles with the website at the moment and we are working to get things all sorted out. The front page, news articles, and the walkthroughs are all accessible at the moment, however the website is loading rather sluggishly. The Wiki, and in turn the game index pages, as well as the Forums are currently not working.

A little patience is appreciated and we hope to get everything back up shortly.