Realistic Deku Shield replica

[news post contributed by Jack L.]

As a kid, many of us had the dream of running around Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield in hand, and having our own adventure across a vast landscape, or at least those of us who played too much Zelda did.

Recently a user on Imgur has uploaded a very accurate replica of the iconic Deku Shield that Link wielded in Ocarina of Time.

Hit the jump to see this masterpiece!

In my opinion the Shield itself seems very accurate to how a real life Deku Shield would be depicted. It wasn’t meant to be extremely well-made, having been made by only a kid out of seemingly a mere piece of bark. This replica follows that crude design to the “T” with the actual raw bark of a tree being used, but still seeming believably durable enough to withstand a little wear and tear, overall not a bad job. The artist says that this replica measures three feet by four feet and that they have it mounted on their wall.

What do you think? Good portrayal? Lazily made slab of wood with some paint? Give your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: imgur