“Psychology of Majora’s Mask” Part Two

Earlier last week we reported on the first part of an interesting paper being written on the psychology of Majora’s Mask which we found over on the website The Why Button.

The first part focused on Clock Town itself and proved to be pretty fascinating to us, with which many of you seemed to agree, so now we bring you the second part which focuses on various characters.

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In this second part, the author–Wade Westfall–has selected three characters to keep dibs on hour-by-hour for the three day cycle: the Bombers, the Postman, and the Swordsman.

In each instances he follows the day-to-day events of each of the three characters, investigating their every movement and how this reflects on their person and psychology.

It certainly is a very interesting (and in-depth) read and I have to say I look forward to the next part! You can read this second part on his website here.

What did you think of part two of “The Psychology of Majora’s Mask”? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Why Button